CBD: Symptoms Relief from Cancer Treatments


Cancer is the proliferation of abnormal cells in a tissue. These unusual cells divide into groups of tissues called tumors.

The forms of cancer are very numerous today and the percentage of incidence of the disease continues to increase on all the continents of the planet.

Deli Hemp explains why you associate CBD with cancer

For some time now, hundreds of scientific studies conducted on mice have led to encouraging results on the qualities of CBD in the treatment of cancer. Be careful, there is no evidence that cannabidiol has a valid efficacy on cancer cells, but it does not seem impossible.

Despite this, CBD could have healing and pain relieving action in painful areas. Scientific education still lacks sufficient data to precisely define the level of performance they could provide, but hypotheses and evidence are emerging which gives a lot of hope to patients with this pathology.

CBD oil for relieving symptoms associated with cancer treatments.

The different ranges of CBD products suggest different methods of acquisition and administration (oral, sublingual, cutaneous). In medical treatments for cancer, CBD oil is the most used because it is easy to use and allows better control of your dosage.

If CBD appears as an interesting companion in the fight against cancer, it is because this molecular substrate extracted from hemp has properties that improve the patient’s condition to promote healing.

Thanks to its action on the receptors of the cannabinoid system of our body (a system allowing the secretion of certain vital enzymes), CBD activates various levers of metabolic responses.

The existence of cannabidiol in the blood will already stimulate our appetite. This stimulation works on loss of appetite and other nausea that occur repeatedly after chemotherapy.

As a known anti-inflammatory, CBD will weaken the incidence of cancer pain and its treatment. Another great benefit of cannabidiol is that it doesn’t have side effects like other pain relievers.

Cannabidiol works at all stages of the pain response to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However, to ensure real efficiency in its use, it is essential to obtain good quality oils with a high concentration of CBD.

CBD and its new forms of involvement in the fight against cancer

CBD may become one of the recurring drugs to be prescribed to increase relief from cancer treatments. Its effects and incalculable benefits on pain make it a natural molecule of choice to accompany the patient. New studies continue to suggest that this cannabinoid could be used in addition to its simple analgesic quality. In fact, some scientific evidence seems to agree that CBD may also intervene at more cellular levels, limiting the proliferation of carcinogens. Of course, we still get convincing and clear results, but in light of what has already been discovered, cannabidiol may one day become a central compound in cancer treatments.


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