CBD: Relief of post-sport pain and inflammation


Hemp and more exactly CBD , the origin of CBD oil, is a super medicinal plant that humans have used medicinally for several years.

CBD exists in different forms but also through different varieties.

CBD products are going CBD oils to flowers, with high levels of cannabidiol and THC levels below 0.2%.

No more pain, sleep disturbances and stress! CBD oil and sport: this is how the precious cannabis plant extract contributes to your well-being and your performance!

Would you have already thought that this magic plant could have a positive effect, on your health but also on your well-being and your sports performance?

Cycling, running, MMA boxing. CBD attracts more and more athletes in these disciplines. It would be particularly useful in alleviating muscle pain and increasing performance. What are thes benefits of CBD for athletes and how can they consume it?

The benefits of CBD for athletes

Many athletes glorify the benefits of CBD which not only are good for our body, but is also a 100% natural remedy.

In 2019, Canadian medical cannabis company Aurora Cannabis and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the world’s largest mixed martial arts organization, joined forces to advance research into the benefits of CBD for athletes.

Many athletes who use CBD notice a reduction in recovery time and an improvement in their athletic performance.

Scientific research has shown that CBD has a positive effect before sports practice but also after.

Before exercise, this would reduce the stress and anxiety of the athlete inherent in any athletic competition.

After exercise, there would be many benefits as it relieves muscle pain.

Indeed, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it would decrease the recovery time.

Powerful relaxer, CBD would also improve the quality of sleep. He would also vasorelaxant, antispasmodic and antioxidant effects, which would allow you to reduce cardiovascular risks as well as cramps.

But then how to consume it?

Many sports experts recommend consuming it in the form balm Where oil to be applied locally after a workout.

Athletes can also take it as an oil under the tongue.

You can use CBD crystals To make your own oil Where CBD balm. They offer more control over dosage and are the purest form of CBD.

What do the experts think?

Many athletes use it as a substitute for more traditional pain relievers. So far, research has shown its beneficial impact on athletic recovery and pain management. And more and more professional athletes are tempted. For example, Andrew Talansky, a cycling champion and triathlon athlete, uses CBD oil to relieve pain associated with his many workouts. Also for the cyclist Brock Cannon converted to ultra-trail, who decided to replace cannabis with the ibuprofen that they took every day.

How CBD works in the body is simple. He does not heal not aches, pains or anxiety disorders. But it acts like a calming agent who’s ordering the brain and nervous system to calm pain or psychological problems. Its use is all the more effective and healthy as our body is naturally equipped with synaptic receptors capable of absorbing CBD.


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