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From alternative medicine to the taste buds: CBD in all its forms

Decried, since active ingredient in cannabis, cannabidiol (CBD) has not always had a good press. In 2021, it is something else. Indeed, since professionals and specialists have demonstrated the undeniable benefits of CBD on the human body, this product has literally invaded market stalls and specialized stores are springing up everywhere. Why ? Because cannabidiol offers a real alternative to conventional medicine. Form oil or dried flowers ingested in the form of an infusion, it helps reduce, among other things, sleep disorders or relieve various pain, without any side effects or euphoric. Cannabidiol is clearly not a toxic product and in no way changes the perceptions of the person who consumes it.

In addition to these soothing properties for body and soul, CBD has recently appeared on our plates, for a completely different pleasure: that of our taste buds. But is there really any point in consuming it in this form?

A CBD dish: what’s the point?

It is possible to buy CBD in the form of oil. It is also in this form that it is most used today. For flavor a dish classic or for mix into a cake batter, there are multiple ways to consume CBD in the kitchen. However, it is difficult to prove its true effects from a single bite. Indeed, cannabidiol needs several days for its effects to be felt on the human body, and it is not by the ingestion of a simple “Cake” that these will be able to make themselves effective. According to specialists, it would take on average 5 to 15 days for the molecule to act durably on the cells and settle in the bloodstream.

But if its interest in a dish is not medicinal, then why consume it on our plates?

A strong and original taste: a new pleasure for our taste buds

The secret of CBD to our dishes lies in its unique and very pronounced aromatic taste. According to the cooks or pastry chefs who use it regularly, its interest in consuming it on our plates is only pure taste pleasure. This product atpronounced bitterness is a new taste which aromatizes a dish or a dessert in an original way. Mixed with citrus fruits in the very heart of a sweet mousse, or sprinkled – in dried flowers – on a pizza to replace classic herbs or oregano, CBD is a real discovery in the mouth.

This is how several renowned pastry chefs like Philippe Conticini decided to work on this product and to offer it as a new taste discovery. Their job being to work on tastes, cannabidiol completely meets their expectations.

Moreover, this has given ideas to many cooking enthusiasts: today we see many pastry shops specializing in CBD opening their doors to as many people as possible, curious to discover. the other positive aspects of cannabidiol.

A nice discovery that will certainly delight all those eager for new taste discoveries!

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