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A natural extract of hemp, CBD has multiple benefits. Its form of oil seduces and becomes the most coveted mode of consumption of CBD. Find out how CBD oil can be a natural stress reliever.

What is the best broad spectrum CBD oil?

What is a broad spectrum oil?

If you are new to the consumption of CBD, you have surely noticed that there are three categories of oils: full spectrum (full spectrum), broad spectrum (broad spectrum) or in isolate (pure CBD). The difference between these various types of oils is the presence of THC and cannabinoids. Indeed, broad spectrum CBD oil (broad spectrum) contains all the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant but does not contain no trace of THC. Conversely, full spectrum CBD oil has all the cannabinoids in hemp, THC included. However, be careful, today in France, it is not allowed to consume oils containing traces of THC. Although many shops or e-shops sell them, the sale and consumption of full spectrum CBD oils is illegal in France.
It is therefore important to choose a broad spectrum cannabidiol oil that ensures you benefit from the entourage effect and consume a 100% legal CBD oil with complete peace of mind.

3 reasons to choose a broad spectrum CBD oil to fight anxiety

A natural anxiolytic, CBD is known to relieve states of stress and anxiety. And in particular, orally in its oil form. Thanks to its entourage effect, broad spectrum CBD oil increases the benefits for relieving stress. CBD, but also the other components present in hemp (CBG, CBN, CBC, terpenes, flavonoids), will act on the endocannabinoid system to regulate stress states.
In addition, consuming broad spectrum CBD oil allows you to feel the relaxing effects almost instantly. By placing a few drops under the tongue, the oil is directly absorbed by the mucous membranes and acts in a few minutes on the body. But also, it allows to slow down the consumption of medicinal anxiolytics, very addictive and having undesirable effects on health.
As a well-being supplement, broad spectrum CBD oil acts naturally and does not cause addiction or side effects.

Authentic-CBD CBD oil, a guarantee of quality

Choosing your CBD oil is not always easy. At Authentique-CBD, we exclusively offer broad spectrum CBD oils from organic hemp farming in Switzerland. We attach great importance to the quality of our products. That is why our broad spectrum CBD oils are carefully chosen and regularly tested in the laboratory.
You are thus assured that they do not contain THC, pesticides or other chemical agents dangerous for health and the environment. You can therefore consume with peace of mind premium and 100% natural CBD oils.

The best CBD oil for sleeping

A miracle remedy to calm stress attacks

If you are prone to nocturnal awakenings, insomnia, or difficulty falling asleep, it may be related to a state of chronic stress. Indeed, sleep disorders are often the consequence of a worrying anxiety state and an overload of the mind. To overcome this, you must succeed in reducing the stress present in your daily life. CBD oil is presented as a effective natural alternative to relax, reduce anxiety attacks and regain deep sleep.

The different concentrations of CBD oil

CBD oil contains different concentrations of CBD. Often you will find cannabidiol concentrations of 5%, 15% or 25%. In general, taking a broad spectrum CBD oil of 5% or 15% is enough to reduce stress states, whether chronic or occasional. But it depends on your habit of consuming CBD or not. In any case, it is recommended to start with a low concentration of CBD to see the effects it gives you. If necessary, you can increase the concentration after a few days.

Proper dosage of your CBD oil to eliminate stress

During stressful situations or to promote better sleep, CBD oil can be taken occasionally or daily. It all depends on the needs and feelings of each individual. To measure your consumption, you have to take into account your weight and the importance of the stress you feel. Generally, the daily dose is between 2 mg and 50 mg. You should know that a drop of 5% CBD oil is equivalent to 1 mg, a drop of 15% CBD oil to 3 mg and a drop of 25% CBD oil to 5 mg. In addition, it is advisable to spread the intake of CBD oil throughout your day and start with low doses.


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