CBD: Menstrual Cycle Symptom Relief


The premenstrual syndrome or PMS does not spare women much, between cramps, headaches, fatigue and irritability difficult to find the zen attitude during this period.

It is revealed that approximately 75% of menstruating women suffer from this syndrome.

And while the exact cause of PMS has never been established, scientists believe it has to do with how hormones change during this time of a woman’s cycle.

Symptoms vary widely, up to 150 different premenstrual symptoms are reported to occur. The most common symptoms are irritability, anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia and gas, which are ultimately just the tip of the iceberg.

PMS starts 5 to 11 days before your period starts.

If you’ve found a way to deal with the effects of your cycle that’s great, but those of us with severe PMS, heavy periods might feel desperate to find an effective solution, CBD can help. .

Deli Hemp Tells You How CBD Can Help Treat PMS

Even though PMS is not a disease but more of a set of symptoms to manage.

Everyone faces different symptoms of PMS.

In traditional treatments we find several things.

For example, doctors may suggest hormonal contraception to help stop ovulation in the hopes of reducing the severity of PMS symptoms. Sometimes antidepressants are prescribed for people with severe mood swings. These two methods, which are only examples and should be performed under medical supervision, may work very well for some people, but antidepressants can have side effects and contraception is not an option for women trying to conceive. .

This is where CBD could come to play an important role in treating symptoms related to PMS.

This is because CBD is said to help relieve women with mild or moderate symptoms of PMS.

Due to each woman’s unique experience, the effectiveness of CBD really depends on the type of symptoms you are experiencing each month.

Among the symptoms of PMS that CBD may help relieve are mood swings, sleep problems, nausea or vomiting, acne, and anxiety and depression.

How to use CBD for PMS.

CBD can be used in several forms to relieve PMS:

  • In oil for a diffuse and medium-term effect, to be taken 2 to 3 times a day for the necessary period
  • In vape pen for a quick and more dosed effect
  • In cosmetics for local applications on painful areas

Daily use of CBD for PMS is pretty straightforward. Start with a lighter dosage so that the improvement in symptoms increases slightly until you experience complete relief.

If you start to feel tired or have effects like diarrhea, you may be taking too much. The side effects will decrease with a lower dose.


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