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What is a CBD infusion?

CBD infusions are hemp herbal teas made from CBD flowers, hemp leaves and tea or plants. There are different kinds, different tastes and different brands.

CBD herbal teas for a moment of relaxation

CBD infusions are most often used for the purpose of relaxation and relaxation. After a hard day, in front of a good movie, by the fireside,… There are many opportunities to enjoy a good CBD infusion to bring calm and serenity to your day.
For that, prefer theine-free infusions, which will be more conducive to relaxation and relaxation. It is important to note that in order to feel the effects of the CBD in your infusion, it must contain CBD flowers and not just hemp leaves. Because it is in CBD flowers that you will find cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN, etc …
Be careful, many brands of infusions combine CBD flowers and hemp leaves and offer you infusions that are in fact only made from hemp leaves. At the house of Authentic-CBD, all of our infusions contain real CBD flowers to bring you a real moment of rest and relaxation.

CBD hemp herbal teas for restful nights of sleep

CBD herbal teas are perfect to accompany your evenings and prepare your nights. Here again, favor theine-free infusions. For example, you can choose from our range for the infusion Zen Red Fruits which contains Rooibos and real pieces of red fruits, or Calm Night infusion with whole verbena leaves and orange peels. All of these ingredients are from organic farming and are mixed with real CBD flowers.

CBD infusions for effective detox

CBD herbal teas can also be a good complement in a detox cure. In this case, it will be preferable to consume them during the day and to choose infusions in which there will be ingredients with exciting properties, like green tea, of mate or even ginger. If you want to start a CBD detox cure, we recommend our Detox Relax herbal tea which is perfect for that.

Organic CBD herbal teas for a 100% natural moment

Whatever your choice of brand and product, we can only encourage you to consume organic CBD products. Indeed, the products resulting from the organic farming, are guaranteed without pesticides, neither herbicide, nor chemical fertilizer, which assures you of 100% natural CBD products. Your body will thank you!

Why do women love CBD infusions?

In general, women are more heavy consumers of herbal teas and infusions than men. And CBD infusions are no exception to the rule. Our article on CBD and health also discusses how CBD can contribute to our well-being.. Consuming CBD herbal teas can allow women to relax after a hard day’s work or simply release the pressure once the kids are in bed.
But it is also for many women, a way to relieve certain ailments that they may be confronted with in their daily life.

CBD infusions for endometriosis relief?

Endometriosis is today a scourge that affects more and more women. Besides the fact that this disease strongly increases infertility, endometriosis is also very painful. Many women who have it have incorporated CBD into their daily lives. But how can CBD relieve endometriosis?

CBD for a fulfilling sex life

Sex life is an integral part of the balance of women and men. Unfortunately, some women find it difficult to develop in their sex life because of certain pains that can be caused during sexual intercourse. CBD can then be an interesting alternative to find a fulfilling sex life.

CBD for relieving symptoms of menopause

All women will at some point experience this stage of menopause which occurs on average between 45 and 55 years old. The symptoms of menopause vary from woman to woman but are often unpleasant in everyday life. Whether in oil or as an infusion, CBD is often used to soothe symptoms of menopause.

Can CBD Help Relieve PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)?

Pre-menstrual syndrome is that period of a few days before the onset of menstruation. This can result in headaches, acne breakouts, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, mood swings and so many other symptoms that make this period often unpleasant for women. Thanks to its natural benefits, CBD could prove to be very helpful in relieving PMS.

What about the contraceptive pill and CBD

To date, no studies have proven that CBD could have negative effects on contraceptive pill. However, it is recommended that you apply precautionary principles and talk to your doctor before using any CBD products. Find out more about the birth control pill and CBD.


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