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Containment, a boon for the development of CBD?

It is undeniable that the year 2020 was full of challenges for all of us. The most important of these challenges is of course containment. Read our exclusive article on the CBD business to find out more.

Why has confinement changed our lives?

In March 2020, the lives of all French people were turned upside down by a totally unexpected event: the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and especially the decision of the French government to establish a very strict containment in order to stop the pandemic. The daily routine of all French households was impacted by drastic changes, in pole position: the telework.

Do the French consume CBD when they are telecommuting?

Even if teleworking technologies such as Zoom, Skype or Teams are not new tools, confinement has forced us all to adopt them at high speed. This represents advantages and disadvantages. First of all, it allows those who live far from their place of work to avoid long hours of commuting between their home and their office. Remember that the average commute time by public transport in the Paris region is 52 minutes!

Many French people are therefore delighted to have two more hours in their daily life to allocate to their personal occupations. Confinement is also accompanied by disadvantages for some, for example social isolation is hard to live with for many people who need to find their colleagues “in real life” and maintain personal conversations during their breaks.

This generates anxiety and can even lead to a depressed state.

To overcome this, many French people have taken advantage of the privacy of their home to learn about CBD. Magalie, testify.

Magalie, 39 years old, management controller

At work my colleagues don’t really know about CBD and I have always felt that there is a strong stigma and confusions with other products, so I never told my colleagues about it. The comfort of being able to work from home also allows me to do a little “CBD break” from time to time without risking being judged by anyone! I realize that it helps me focus and I am less anxious.

Buying premium CBD online is convenient and reassuring

One thing is certain, the French are now used to shopping online and it is undeniable that this technological advance is delighting consumers for its practicality but also the misfortune of local shops which are struggling to survive, especially in this situation. current due to COVID-19.

Confinement, a good reason to give up some bad habits

During the first lockdown, many people who used to consume cannabis with THC found themselves unable to get their supplies. It should be remembered that THC is illegal in France, so it is impossible to obtain it legally.

In order to overcome this, many consumers have taken advantage of this situation to start a “cure” and wean oneself once and for all from this prohibited addiction. Many then turn to CBD which offers similar taste and smell sensations.. There are many arguments in favor of this transition, here are the main ones:

Switching from THC to CBD to become legal

Many THC users are still guilty of breaking the law. By adopting CBD, no more legal hassles, CBD is 100% legal in France.

Buy CBD online and have it delivered to your home, absolute comfort

No more agonizing plans and flowers of questionable quality! By buying CBD online you are dealing with a legal business that builds customer loyalty with premium service and products.

This is our vision at Authentique-CBD, to offer our customers the best of CBD products and delivered to you throughout France in 48 hours. Visit our store for choose from a dozen varieties of CBD flowers, from CBD oils in different concentrations, our organic CBD infusions with whole flowers and many other high quality products handpicked for the satisfaction of our customers.

All these reasons have contributed to an increase in demand for CBD products in 2020. The prejudices vis-à-vis CBD are gradually disappearing, mainstream media are talking about it more and more while the subject was very stigmatized. not long ago.


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