CBD: Discover the anti-pain, anti-insomnia CBD tea.


CBD tea: a beverage with many virtues

First and foremost, tea is a globally popular drink. Indeed, it is both refreshing and excellent for health. CBD tea or cannabidiol tea is no exception. On the contrary, it is rich in many benefits and will naturally take its place in your daily habits and will eventually become essential.

CBD tea: many varieties available

At the house of Deli hemp, we offer a wide range of teas to meet individual tastes and needs.

To begin with, we have the tHey CBD Starry Night. This powerful infusion is ideal for guaranteeing you a restful sleep.

Then the Ayurvedic Detox CBD tea contains 15% cannabidiol and will complement a detox cure to strengthen its effect.

the Moroccan stopover CBD tea meanwhile is perfect for cooling off in summer.

If you are looking for a drink with a delicious fruity taste, the Pura Vida CBD tea will delight your senses.

Finally, our Indian awakening CBD tea is a subtle blend of black teas from India. Ideal when you wake up to start your day serenely.

Thus, according to your desires, you will inevitably find a tea among our large choice of quality wines.

CBD tea: quality products

Above all, we strive to create quality products. To do this, our CBD comes from 100% organic farming.

In addition, all of our products pass rigorous laboratory testing. Indeed, the laboratory DH LAB specializes in cannabinoid analysis. An expert thus ensures that our CBD teas meet the quality standards in force within the European Union.

Therefore, Deli Hemp guarantees you top quality drinks at an excellent value for money.

Do not hesitate to visit our Deli Hemp stores

To conclude, you should not hesitate to come and visit us in one of our many points of sale available in the territory. In this way, our salespeople will be able to advise you and offer you the most suitable CBD products for your tastes and needs.

In addition, it is possible to order on our website. You will find a wide choice of cannabis flowers, CBD oils, but also cosmetics and vaporizers.

A very wide choice of products associated with production quality and the expertise of our salespeople allow us to satisfy a large number of customers every day. So go ahead and come and taste our gourmet CBD teas that are beneficial for body and soul.


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