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The interest of CBD in cooking

Many ignore it, but CBD flowers and CBD oil can be used in cooking. They are also already present in many cooking recipes, ready meals, and even in certain drinks. But by the way, why use CBD in cooking? The use of the flower and hemp oil, or cannabidiol in cooking, allows a very slow diffusion in the body, a bit like a basic treatment. Depending on the ailments you want to treat, you will choose a oil adapted to your needs and having a more or less high concentration of CBD (from 5 to 30%).

The craze of CBD in the kitchen

Riding on the “buzz wave” of CBD, more and more professionals in the food industry have taken the leap and now include CBD in their preparations, whether in oil, in crystals or even in flowers.

It is not uncommon for the media to promote these amazing recipes offered by restaurateurs, bakers, chocolate makers and many more.

Like the CBD pizza offered by a craftsman from the city of Nice, or the Pastry Star Philippe Conticini with its limited edition creation.

CBD in the kitchen, what you need to know

In fact, cooking with CBD isn’t that complicated. It is available in capsules, tablets, dried flowers or in oil, for preparations as varied as they are delicious. Nevertheless, the oil, obtained from hemp by pressure or by distillation, remains the most practical packaging. It also has the advantage of reducing the very vegetal taste of CBD that some will find too woody, too earthy or too grassy.

CBD in cooking and water

The cannabinoids in CBD are not water soluble. It is therefore not possible to release the active ingredients of the plant by preparing an infusion of CBD flowers for example.

CBD loves fat.

To extract the molecules present in the hemp flower when making an infusion, the use of a fatty substance is necessary. Whole or semi-skimmed milk, crème fraîche and certain vegetable oils are quite suitable. It all depends on the time you have. Indeed, the higher the fat content, the faster the release of CBD. Its virtues thus remain effective.

Heat and CBD

The CBD in the oil enjoys being warmed up, but up to a point. Above 300 degrees, the active components deteriorate and the CBD can even evaporate.

Hide that taste!

Not everyone appreciates the very vegetal taste of hemp flowers. It is quite easy to mask it by flavoring a preparation using spices (cinnamon, cumin, oregano, etc.), mint, parsley, cocoa or even honey with various flavors. THE’hemp oil (collected by pressure from the hemp seed) and theCBD oil (produced by the distillation of hemp flowers) bring to your preparations and seasoning a slight bitterness and a little hazelnut.

Oil conservation

Nevertheless, the cannabinoids in the oil are sensitive to heat and light. An unused bottle of oil should therefore be stored in a cool, dark place, at the risk of damaging the product, making it less effective and accentuating its bitterness.

CBD in the kitchen in salty or sweet version

CBD can be used interchangeably in savory or sweet recipes. It is also quite possible to concoct a complete meal using CBD products. As we saw a little above, the only rule is to associate it with a fat (oil, butter, milk) in order to release the assets.

CBD in sweet mode

CBD is already found in some commercial sweet products. Indeed, candies, cookies and sweetened cannabidiol drinks are already lining up on the shelves of our stores. It will therefore fit perfectly into your desserts and your sweet culinary preparations. But CBD isn’t just for sweets, although it seems easier to mask the flavor of fresh herbs more easily with chocolate, cocoa, coffee, vanilla, and other sugary products.

In a salty version

After infusing the CBD with a fat of your choice, you can cook it in all your savory recipes as well. But whether it’s in pesto sauce, guacamole, or soup, be sure to distribute the CBD evenly. For this, do not hesitate to stir vigorously. The CBD intake should be the same for each guest. The hemp seeds (hempseed) can slip into bread or be roasted to accompany a salad.

Eat CBD Safely

You risk nothing by eating guacamole cooked with CBD, or a few candies or cookies made with hemp. Indeed, when you consume it in the form of an additive added to a food, its progress, to reach the brain will take time. Much more than when you ingest it in drops directly under the tongue. It will have to transit first through the stomach, then through the liver and finally through the intestines. At the end of her journey, alone a minimal amount reaches the brain.

If you buy a pre-made product, read its label and check the doses of CBD in the product. A dosage equivalent to 5 milligrams of CBD per 5 kilograms of your weight allows you to start smoothly.

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