CBD Cannabis Discovery Box: Dare to reduce your anxiety


CBD Cannabis Discovery Box: Dare to reduce your anxiety

First and foremost, stress is truly a major problem in our time. Indeed, we no longer count the employees on the verge of burnout or the anxious inhabitants of very noisy cities. This is the reason why many of our fellow citizens are trying to find an ideal solution to regain healthy well-being. The objective of our Cannabis CBD Discovery Box is precisely to make you discover a quick way to find your daily peace.

Cannabis CBD Discovery Box: The interest of CBD products

To begin with, you should know that CBD stands for cannabidiol. This term is the name of a substance found in cannabis. However, this is not to be confused with THC. The latter causes habituation and difficulties in managing his emotions. This is why it is prohibited in France.

On the contrary, CBD is perfectly legal. This, because it produces neither habituation nor mood swings. CBD is a natural and healthy product. In addition, it helps improve well-being by reducing stress and anxiety.

For all these reasons, CBD is the subject of many scientific studies. However, these confirm its health benefits.

Cannabis CBD Discovery Box: The contents of the box

We offer two discovery box. These are perfect if you’ve never purchased a CBD product. They will allow you to learn gently about this fabulous health asset.

In the first place, the Box Deli is perfect to start your discovery of CBD. You will find inside it 1g of Hash CBD and 2g of CBD flowers.

then, we have the Box Deli Premium which contains 1g of transformed flowers as well as 2g of Indoor flowers.

Our other cannabidiol products

If you want to go further, we offer a variety of products within Deli Hemp such as: teas and coffee, cannabis flowers, oils, vaporizers, concentrates, etc.

All of these natural and legal products are 100% organic. Thus, we pay particular attention to the quality of our products. Besides, a specialized laboratory in cannabinoids carries out regular tests to check the quality of the products, but also the respect of the standards in force.

Come meet us

To conclude, if we have tickled your curiosity and you want to know more, you can contact us by phone at Where by email.

Note that you can also come and meet us in one of our shops. We will be happy to welcome you and advise you on our CBD products.


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