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Still new to the market, the CBD is not always consumed correctly. Users tend to mix it with tobacco for smoking, just as they would with recreational cannabis.

But what is it really? Can this consumption be dangerous? On the other hand, can we consume cannabidiol alongside nicotine? We also have a comprehensive dossier on the effects of CBD on your body.

CBD, what are we talking about?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a substance extracted from hemp. This plant, used for millennia, has multiple benefits. It contains cannabinoids, the best known of which are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and the CBD (cannabidiol).

Radically opposed, these two molecules do not have the same properties. While the THC is known to be illegal, recreational with its psychotropic and addictive effects, cannabidiol is quite its opposite.

Indeed, CBD does not make you feel high, has very few side effects and is totally legal to be consumed for welfare purposes in France. His natural virtues help relieve muscle or nerve pain, calm anxiety, regulate skin problems or improve sleep.

CBD and tobacco: a combination not recommended?

Most cannabidiol users are known smokers. Classic cigarettes, electronic cigarettes or joints, it is not uncommon for CBD to be found alongside tobacco. Although smoking is in no way recommended because of the dangers to your health, it is not the tobacco itself that is problematic with cannabidiol, but the nicotine it contains.

The mixture of these two substances does not bring any beneficial effects for the body. On the contrary, they are opposing each other.

The effects of nicotine with cannabidiol

Known for its harmful effects on the body, nicotine is a psychoactive substance. Indeed, it binds to nicotinic receptors and thus releases dopamine, which will cause a form of dependence on its consumption.

Also, when we smoke, our heart rate and blood pressure increase. Nicotine is therefore considered a stimulant.

Effects contrary to the use of CBD, which is consumed for its relaxing benefits. Non-psychoactive and non-addictive, it does not interact with the same nerve area of ​​our brain.

By mixing the two or consuming them very closely together, you will not be able to benefit from both virtues of this hemp extract and the actions of nicotine. One will gain the upper hand over the other and inhibit the desired effects.

It is therefore recommended not to combine tobacco and CBD, whether in vape or in the form of a joint.

Be sure to space your intake of these two substances by at least 4 hours. If you are vaping, your best bet would be to have two electronic cigarettes. Because otherwise, you must proceed to a thorough cleaning between the two e-liquids.

Can you stop smoking with CBD?

CBD is said to have the ability to fight smoking. Two studies have attempted to demonstrate the effects of CBD to fight against nicotine addiction.

The first took place in 2013 by researchers from the University of London. She reveals that patients who took CBD reduced by 40% their tobacco consumption. In addition, they do not have not felt the withdrawal effects associated with smoking. While those who received the placebo did not change their daily habits.

The second research, in 2018, carried out by the psychopharmacology and addictions unit of the same university, underlines the effectiveness of cannabidiol in helping with smoking cessation. It highlights that the CBD Helps Lower Nicotine Addiction.

Even if studies remain to be carried out, consume CBD while vaping can be a very interesting alternative.

In addition to fighting against the urge to smoke and reducing nicotine addiction, this helps not suddenly stop the daily actions of smokers.

The right ways to consume CBD

At the house of Authentic-CBD, we promise you quality products from organic farming.

In addition, we recommend that you always start with low doses and then increase if necessary. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Using CBD oil

One of the most common ways to consume cannabidiol is in the form of oil. By the sublingual route, thecannabidiol oil has the particularity of being instantly absorbed by the mucous membranes. It is available in several strengths: 5%, 15% and 25%.

In addition, you can pour a few drops in your culinary preparations or your drinks. It is also applied directly to the skin to reduce skin problems or massage painful muscle areas.

Smoking or infusing CBD flowers

CBD flowers can be smoked, infused, or incorporated into your dishes. Even if smoking has harmful effects especially in the respiratory tract, it is recommended to smoke pure cannabidiol, without tobacco.

You can also brew your CBD flowers as an infusion. To do this, let them infuse for ten minutes in boiling water.

This quick and easy method allows you to benefit from all the virtues of hemp and a very hot herbal tea. In addition, many recipes exist to mix them into your cakes and dishes. For infusions and culinary recipes, we recommend the Trim CBD.

Vaping CBD e-liquids

If you are a fan of Electronic cigarettes, you will find your happiness by vaping cannabidiol e-liquids. Several tastes are available to satisfy all your desires. This also allows you to reduce your consumption of traditional cigarettes, both psychically and gesture.

Apply cosmetics based on cannabidiol

With lboom in CBD, hemp-based cosmetics are starting to become more popular (creams, masks or even shampoo, etc.).

It is a good solution, if you suffer from skin problems or don’t like the cannabidiol taste in its other forms.

CBD and tobacco are therefore not to be combined. It is best to consume them separately. To facilitate your choice on the consumption of cannabidiol flowers, we invite you to read our article All about CBD flowers.


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