CBD: An anti-stress, immunity booster


Stress and decreased immunity.

We all know that stress brings us a lot of harmful effects on our health and contributes to a decrease in our immune defenses.

Many of us are looking for solutions to relieve all the tensions of everyday life, but then what solutions to adopt?

A study recently carried out by researchers from the Marseille Immunology Center demonstrated the link between stress and a significant drop in our immune system.

So what is the connection between stress and the weakening of our immune system? To better explain to you a weak immune system is due to the stimulation of certain receptors by stress hormones.

Indeed, intense and regular stress could modify the expression of genes present in white blood cells. Once modified, these cells are more prone to excessive immune reactions and can lead to inflammation: cells become more resistant to cortisol – the stress hormone -, the anti-inflammatory effect of cortisol wanes, and infections are looming more.

In addition to lowering our immune system, stress can also cause other problems such as cardiovascular problems, obesity, diabetes.

In order to evacuate stress, some prefer sport, others homeopathy or even anxiolytics.

Evacuate stress and strengthen immunity with Deli Hemp products.

At Deli Hemp, we offer a wide range of CBD products to effectively combat stress.

Our body can fight effectively against stress, but let’s not forget to give it the right tools, especially thanks to CBD well-being.

This is why we offer you CBD hemp and peppermint oils from 5% to 60% to guarantee you ultimate relaxation.


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