CBD: An adaptogenic plant, ally of health


For some time now, we have heard more and more about adaptogenic plants.

Deli Hemp tells you a little more about these allies for health.

What should you know about adaptogenic plants?

Do you know what hemp, ashwagandha, maca root, saffron or even guarana have in common?

All of them are adaptogenic plants. Very popular in recent years, however, roots, herbs and mushrooms have been used for millennia in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine.

But then you will tell me what is hemp an adaptogenic plant for?

Deli Hemp helps you better understand how natural food supplements such as therapeutic hemp can help you improve your well-being on a daily basis. Choose hemp to help the body adapt better to stress. Since the dawn of time, humans have used adaptogenic plants to improve their body and their physical condition. In the late 1940s, a Russian doctor named Nicolai Lazarev theorized the concept of adaptogen after studying the action of ginseng on the body. The concept is thus defined as being a pharmacological substance which induces in the organism a state of resistance to external aggressions such as stress. To put it simply, adaptogenic plants allow our bodies to adapt better to stress.

In our daily life we ​​undergo more than stressful situations, our health and morale are greatly affected by the shocks and pressures that we experience on a daily basis, well-being hemp is therefore there in order to better react to our often gloomy daily life.

Benefits of therapeutic hemp.

It will be understood that hemp has been used for many years as a therapeutic alternative.

For thousands of years, its anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties have been highlighted by the populations of Asia and the Middle East. It should be understood that cannabis is composed of a good hundred natural chemical compounds, cannabinoids, which interact with the receptors in our body (those of the endocannabinoid system) to help relieve certain pains or daily ailments.

Therapeutic hemp would thus have effects on: Different forms of anxiety, stress and depression Sleep disorders.

Chronic pain, especially of neuropathic origin Inflammation (acute or chronic) such as endometriosis. Painful muscle contractions (such as those found in multiple sclerosis. Neurological disorders Degenerative pathologies.

Complications linked to certain cancers Whether you want to regain your calm more quickly in the event of a pressure surge or you simply want to sleep better at night, Deli Hemp offers you a wide range of CBD products such as oils, flowers or again teas and herbal teas.


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