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The consequences of alcohol addiction

Real health risks

Everyone knows that daily alcohol consumption can have serious health consequences. Did you know ? Ethanol is particularly carcinogenic. From one drink a day, alcoholic drinks increase the risk of developing cancer.

Alcoholism also plays a role in the onset of cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, or cerebral hemorrhages can be the repercussions of heavy alcohol consumption.

On the other hand, alcoholics tend to develop cirrhosis of the liver. This chronic and irreversible disease results from a progressive destruction of cells, which causes dysfunction, and can transform in the long term into liver cancer.

The danger of drinking and driving

Driving while intoxicated can have serious consequences. Despite a lot of prevention, it is estimated that alcohol remains the main cause of at least 20% of fatal accidents. Even more, 18% of the drivers involved have a blood alcohol level above 0.5 g / l.

For good reason, by its euphoric action, alcohol changes risk perception. It creates a feeling of invincibility, which leads to dangerous behavior on the road. Not to mention its impact on vision, coordination of gestures and reaction time …

Statistics claim that taking the car under alcohol multiple by 8.5 the risk of having a serious accident. In the event of a control, a drunk driving person risks a loss of 6 points, a license withdrawal, and a fine of up to 750 euros.

Psychological and social impacts

As a psychoactive substance, alcohol alters the functioning of the central nervous system. More specifically, ethanol impacts the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The consumption of alcoholic beverages therefore engenders unusual behaviors.

Alcohol is particularly known to lift inhibitions. He thus facilitates the passage to the act, such as violent behavior. Likewise, the absence of alcohol in an alcoholic engenders a state of craving, itself likely to make them aggressive.

Through these mechanisms, alcoholism necessarily generates harmful consequences in all areas of everyday life. It is not uncommon to observe more or less serious repercussions in personal life as in professional life.

Between absenteeism, job loss, tensions with those around them, isolation, financial problems, delinquency, social difficulties linked to alcohol are numerous. Faced with this situation, self-esteem can also be deeply affected.


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