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Many people have trouble sleeping and have trouble falling asleep every night. To avoid having to resort to powerful sleeping pills, natural alternatives exist. Among them is CBD, which has multiple virtues. Through this article, we answer five questions to better understand its action on sleep.

1. Does CBD play a role in falling asleep?

Cannabinoids refer to the different molecules present in the hemp plant. CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of them and is renowned for its various benefits. Safe for health according to the WHO and several studies, it would act directly on the endocannabinoid system. This helps the body to fight against anxieties, stress, anxiety and to achieve a certain internal balance, called homeostasis. The popular molecule would also reduce the sensations of pain associated with stiffness and inflammation, and relax the muscles. For all these reasons, we can affirm that CBD does play a role in the sleepiness of each individual.

2. Can we expect a deep and restful sleep by consuming CBD?

For many people, trouble sleeping is often a recent episode of anxiety. If you want decrease stress that lurks you every day, taking CBD is strongly recommended. By incorporating a cannabidiol-based product into your evening ritual, be sure to sleep better and be rested the next day when you wake up.

3. What dosage of CBD to favor before sleeping?

If you are using CBD for the very first time, we recommend that you start with a small amount of the product. Do you use cannabidiol oil? In this case, bet on one drop per evening. Over the days, you will be able toadjust dosage adding an additional drop or more. It is important to do this gradually to better analyze the effects of the molecule on your body. Good to know: Too high a dose of CBD could leave you in a muddy state the day after you take it.

4. Can you become dependent on CBD?

Rest assured on this point: cannabidiol is not psychoactive and does not cause physical dependence in those who use it. As a reminder, the THC content of CBD must be less than 0.2%. This is mainly why the molecule is legal and the side effects are very rare or nonexistent.

5. Which CBD products to choose for better sleep?

For optimal efficiency, CBD oil is to be favored. This product has the advantage of being easy to consume: you just need to place a drop on your tongue to immediately benefit from its positive effects. The cannabidiol herbal teas can also be a solution if you are adept at it. However, the results will not be as satisfactory as those seen after using CBD oil.

And you, have you ever tried a CBD product to improve your sleep? Were you satisfied with the effects obtained?

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