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CBD and THC: what are the differences?

From the cannabis plant, these two substances are however quite different. Belonging to the cannabinoid family, they interact on our endocannabinoid system and act at various levels of our organism.

the CBD, also called cannabidiol, is not considered a drug. Indeed, this extract from the hemp plant is not not psychotropic nor addictive.

It therefore does not hinder the motor and cognitive capacities of its consumers. Unlike its sister molecule, the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), it does not provide any feeling of high.

Still confused in the collective unconscious, CBD is not used for the same purposes as recreational cannabis containing THC, which is prohibited in France.

This is why, be reassured, it is not looked for during road checks. Only THC is concerned by these screenings and can be detected because it is considered harmful to health.

The right things to do to avoid being positive

Consume quality cannabidiol without THC

To avoid a mishap, it is important to ensure the cannabidiol quality consumes.

On the one hand, always check its provenance and prefer to buy a product from organic farming. On the other hand, also make sure that the THC rate is legal in France, that is to say, less than 0.2% in the finished product.

Attention on online shops, you may come across CBD products containing a higher level of THC, because the legislation differs from country to country (this is particularly the case for Italy or Switzerland).

In addition to being illegal, you expose yourself to the possibility of being positive on a saliva test in case of control.

From Authentique-CBD, we guarantee you cannabidiol products that comply with French legislation, natural and organic (without pesticides or chemical fertilizers).

We provide you with regular laboratory analyzes for you guarantee quality CBD flowers with a THC level less than 0.2%. All of our CBD oils and e-liquids are guaranteed without THC. This allows you to consume CBD with complete peace of mind.


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