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Stress, constant use of screens, pressure at work and many other ailments in our society promote hectic nights. Indeed, 17% of French people say they suffer from a sleep disorder and 13.1% from insomnia. CBD, a natural molecule derived from hemp, could be a suitable solution to find peaceful nights.

Sleep disorders, the evil of the 21st century

Insomnia, long time to fall asleep, untimely nocturnal awakenings … More and more of you are suffering from these disorders and endure your night. The causes can be varied and you feel the consequences in your daily life: irritability, distraction, continuous fatigue.

Sleeping well is essential for the proper functioning of the body

It is at this moment that he recharges himself. Therefore, experts estimate that it takes between 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night to get good rest.

For deep sleep, it is advisable to maintain a healthy lifestyle (removal of screens before bedtime, relaxation, sport, healthy diet). In the continuity of a healthy lifestyle, the CBD could be a natural alternative for better sleep, unlike drug treatments.

CBD, benefits to promote sleep

CBD and its natural virtues

Among the most recognized, we concede to him anti-inflammatory properties, relaxing and anti-nausea. Playing a regulatory role on the receptors of endocannabinoid system, it intervenes at the level of the nervous and immune system.

CBD and its effect on sleep

the CBD can be particularly interesting to find a peaceful sleep. Indeed, it acts on the emotional state (in particular anxiety), pain and mental function. It promotes sleep and therefore allows to find a deep, restful sleep.
Unlike other methods, it is not sedating and does not cause fatigue. It is a natural ally, without danger, which allows you to relax and spend a night in the best conditions.

CBD, a hemp molecule still unknown

Hemp and cannabinoids

Hemp, a plant that has been used by humans for thousands of years, has given rise to various controversies. From its scientific name, cannabis, it suffers from misconceptions, because it is often associated with psychotropic or addictive effects. This is explained by the presence of a molecule, the THC, belonging to the family of cannabinoids.

However, the hemp has several different cannabinoids, one of which is the main one that attracts all the attention: the cannabidiol, says CBD. 100% natural and perfectly legal molecule unlike its cousin, THC, it does not provide side effects, does not get high and does not cause addiction.
Thanks to several studies, she is just starting to be recognized in the scientific world for its many virtues.

Choosing the right CBD and its quality

What form is CBD found in?

In France and legally, you can find several forms of CBD. It is sold in particular in the form of oils, flowers, e-liquids for electronic cigarettes or even in resins. For sleep, it is often advisable to use it in oil, directly under the tongue or in a mixture of herbal teas or in culinary preparation. You can also consume the flower as an infusion with other plants, such as chamomile for example, to promote better sleep. For infusions, we recommend the mixture of small flowers also called Trim CBD. You can also turn to our range of CBD herbal teas that will delight you!

Monitor the origin of CBD

When you choose your CBD, it is important to know where the hemp comes from and to ensure that it comes from biological agriculture. This will ensure its quality. In France, it is important to remember that THC level must be completely absent from oils and must not exceed 0.2% in other products.

The different dosages of CBD

Also note that there are several strengths of CBD in oils: 5%, 15%, 25%.

Depending on your consumption habits and your desires, do not hesitate to start with a low concentration to estimate if it suits you. You will then adjust your dosage.

Does CBD cause side effects?

CBD has no side effects or risk of overdose

Still too little known, the population tends to associate the CBD to THC. But contrary to what one might think, the two molecules are quite different. Indeed, CBD does not generate any physical dependence and its consumption does not produce any psychotropic effects. Based on various studies, it emerges that it is rather well tolerated by consumers and no side effects are to be reported.

In comparison with drug treatments for sleep disorders and in particular sleeping pills, it can be an interesting alternative. Without risk of addiction or danger in case of overconsumption, it can help you relax and find a peaceful sleep.

Be careful, however, to try the different strengths to find the one that suits you best. If you suffer from specific pathologies or have other health problems, we recommend that you consult your doctor before taking CBD.

Testimonial from a CBD user on the benefits for sleeping

Testimonial from Stéphane, 45, CEO of a company

“My CEO status has a direct impact on my sleep. With many responsibilities on my shoulders and daily stress, it sometimes happened to me not to sleep or to take more than 2 hours before falling asleep. I then entered a vicious circle, because every day, I accumulated a little more fatigue and could not rest. I then tried everything. I started with chamomile infusions known for its virtues on sleep. But no effect. So I took the next step with drug treatments. But again, I did not feel the beneficial effects. Then I discovered CBD. After inquiring and asking my doctor’s advice, I started. And it paid off! I finally found peaceful nights and feel great again! I consume it in the form of infusion or oil, according to my desires. I am completely satisfied with it, it is very gentle and has no side effects! Thanks to CBD, I found a baby’s sleep ! “

Stress, an enemy for your sleep

As you’ve probably noticed, stress doesn’t mix with sleep. This is because when you are stressed, you may have difficulty falling asleep. Find out how CBD can help with stress.


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