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CBD and THC, a common plant but two very different molecules

Since the dawn of time, humans have used cannabis for a variety of reasons. For its virtues and benefits, it is undeniable, but also to explore another facet of the psyche. Although many studies are still underway, it appears that the THC molecule is addictive in some people.
One thing is certain, the psychoactive action of THC causes certain unwanted reactions such as fatigue, paranoia, memory loss, etc.

THC addiction is a disease that should not be underestimated

Interviewed several years ago on this subject, Doctor Michel Lejoyeux (addictologist, Bichat hospital, Paris) was categorical: “Cannabis addiction is a real disease. The whole problem is locating and processing. ” He mentions a link between cannabis use and acute mental disorders such as schizophrenia.
One can of course ask the following question: is cannabis the cause or the consequence? Indeed, some people with mental disorders could find “refuge” in the use of cannabis and obtain relief thanks to the psychoactive action of the THC molecule. It should be noted that France passed a decree on October 7 authorizing the experimentation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes within a predefined framework. Mental disorders are not yet a part of it, but maybe that day will come? We also discussed the other benefits of CBD for general health in this article.

Cannabis consumption in France and Europe

How many people use cannabis in France?

Cannabis containing THC is prohibited in France but that does not prevent him from holding the palm of the most consumed narcotic substance. There are an estimated 4 million consumers and 1.2 million regular consumers.

Why do these people use cannabis?

There are as many consumers as there are reasons to consume, some seek spiritual upliftment, others use it to tap into new creative inspirations, some unfortunately are simply addicted.
What to do for people who can no longer stop?

Cannabis in Europe and the world

For about a decade, the Western world has been engaged in a process of decriminalization and cannabis legalization containing THC. There were the precursors, like The Netherlands for example, there have been the U-turns like the United States which severely punished the consumption of cannabis until certain states take the initiative to decriminalize, and there are the latecomers like France for example who do not ‘advance that very slowly.

Who says cannabis does not necessarily say THC, there is also CBD

Cannabis is a complex plant that is full of different components. The large family of molecules present in hemp is called lcannabinoids. We mainly talk about THC because it is the most abundant in the cannabis plant, it is also the most powerful and above all, it is prohibited (in France).
We speak less often of another molecule just as interesting for its many virtues, much less problematic because it is not psychotropic and above all it is perfectly legal, it is CBD.


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