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Stress, a societal scourge very often underestimated

Our daily lives are riddled with events that contribute to increasing our stress. Indeed the perpetual race which punctuates our daily life is often filled with ups and downs which play on our morale and create what specialists in psychology have identified since the 1970s as “stress”.

Why is stress underestimated?

Everyone responds to stress differently. Some people have a predisposition to be able to accumulate stress and release the pressure from time to time through various and varied methods that are unique to each individual.

Some look to the sport practice, which we particularly recommend, others choose to relax through reading, to escape mentally.

Even if the means of release the pressure seem limitless, let’s be aware that many people continue to suffer from stress every day.

Our society expects everyone to manage their stress independently and when a person complains of suffer from stress, it is rare that this is taken seriously or even worse, we choose to vulgarly medicalize the problem by often unsuitable pharmaceutical products.

Can CBD Help People With Stress Relax?

Anyone suffering from stress is looking for a little helping hand that will help them find a moment of relaxation. Nowadays, more and more people are trying to live in a healthy way and try to avoid, as much as possible, taking drugs to turn to health problems. more natural solutions to improve their daily well-being. Many users of CBD share their positive experiences on stress.

What are cannabinoids?

Besides the THC which is particularly known for its psychotropic effects (and illegal in France), the hemp flower is made up of many other molecules of the cannabinoid family the best known of which is CBD (cannabidiol). CBD or cannabidiol, cousin of THC, is perfectly legal and without any side effects.

The benefits of CBD

In addition to being an ancestral plant and 100% natural, CBD has the particularity of having no side effects. CBD does not cause any psychotropic effects (no high or “high”) but just a relaxation effect without side effects or fatigue. These benefits are increasingly sought after by people who feel the need to relax and unwind.evacuate the tensions of everyday life. It is also coveted by people sensitive to depression as we discuss in this article.

Fight against stress and seasonal depression with CBD

Although few studies are yet available in France on this subject, testimonials from consumers extolling the merits of CBD are numerous. Many people claim that consuming CBD has made it easier for them to fall asleep at night and have more restful sleep, but also fight against the scourges of the seasonal depression. Other testimonies highlight the effectiveness of CBD and cannabinoids against stress related to an exam or a job interview, for example. Many athletes also share their positive experience related to the CBD consumption in their workout routine.

CBD and Sleep

According to some testimonies, the relaxing effects of CBD seem to act directly on sleep. “Whether it’s to fall asleep more easily or to have full and restful nights”, the testimony of Chantal, 42 years old and mother of 2 children aged 9 and 7, seems to confirm these theories of the effects of CBD on sleep. She explains in particular that: “the fact of take a few drops of organic CBD oil before going to bed, helps me relax before going to sleep, and get to sleep faster. ” She also recognizes “no longer waking up at night and having more restful nights of sleep”.

CBD and Exam Stress

CBD has been popular with young consumers for a few months. In fact, more and more young people say they are stressed.

In many cases this stress is directly linked to exam stress and the pressure of the results, as shown by Bruno, dad of Maxime, 18, who began a course of CBD oil following the stress related to the preparation of his baccalaureate:

“My son was very anxious for his Bac exams. By chatting with friends who knew about CBD, I understood that it could be a natural solution for my son’s stress. ”

CBD to relieve stress at work

the stress at work is more and more widespread and affects all types of people, regardless of age, sex or professional activity. It can manifest itself in different ways ranging from the little ball of anxiety to Burn out.

To combat this form of stress, many people have decided tousing CBD. Without any side effects, CBD has the advantage of being able to be taken at any time of the day. It does not affect the physical or mental capacities in any way and may even make it possible to obtain a energy boost and an increased concentration.

It is therefore completely compatible with a classic working day and would make it possible to reduce stress and anxieties linked to pressure in the company.

CBD to relieve stress from sports competition

Cannabidiol is well known in the world of sport and many professional and amateur athletes use it for its benefits. Whether it is to reduce pain, improve sleep, relax muscles or reduce stress related to competition, CBD today has its place in sport and has also been removed from the list of doping products by the Wada (World Anti-Doping Association) since October 2017.

Many athletes say they are stressed before a competition. The search for performance, the desire to win, the fear of losing, fatigue from training… There are countless causes of stress in athletes. Using CBD is a great way to be able to reduce stress and anxiety while improving his ability to stay focused during important sporting events.

CBD and Containment Stress

Since March 2020, France faces theCovid-19 epidemic. Confinement, partial unemployment, job losses linked to the closure of many businesses and businesses, have created for a large number of French people, phases of intense stress which in some cases led to depression or burnout.

The consumption of food supplements to reduce fatigue and anxiety, as well as the consumption of antidepressants, have increased sharply throughout this period.

Many French people have decided to turn to more natural methods to reduce stress and anxiety linked to the health crisis and discovered the virtues of CBD during this period of confinement. There are many positive testimonials about the consumption of hemp and cannabidiol.

Whether in the form ofCBD oil, of CBD Flowers in infusion or in the kitchen, CBD capsules or CBD e-liquids, this ancestral molecule resulting from the hemp plant as well as all cannabinoids it contains, allowed many French people to cope with stress during this historic period.

As you will understand, CBD can be an important ally in the management of Anxiety and Stress. Even though there are many testimonials on this subject, it should be remembered that the consumption of CBD is reserved for adults and that it is strongly advised to seek the advice of your doctor before consuming CBD.


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