Can CBD be taken with or without tobacco?


For most hemp plant enthusiasts, smoking a joint seems to be the most common form of consumption. Even if our American or Canadian cousins ​​believe that the cannabis / tobacco mixture is heresy, the Europeans prefer to mix tobacco with CBD or cannabis.

Smoking CBD as a joint is not a good idea, let alone with tobacco.

Indeed, we do not recommend that you mix nicotine and CBD together.

These two substances provide totally opposite effects which do not mix well together. Would you have the idea of ​​mixing an exciting product with a relaxing product? It’s a bit the same with CBD and tobacco.

Moreover, I am not teaching you anything to tell yourself that smoking is dangerous for your health.

But it is above all tobacco, and therefore nicotine, that has many harmful effects on your health.

If you use CBD for relaxation, you have no interest in adding tobacco to it.

Today, the rise and democratization of CBD offers you new possibilities in terms of consumption. So why do you persist in using tobacco?

In this article, we’ll walk you through the reasons why you should be consuming CBD without tobacco and what are the right ways to consume CBD.

Why shouldn’t CBD be consumed with tobacco?

The first obvious reason why you should not use tobacco with CBD is simply because tobacco is extremely harmful to your health. Smoking tobacco causes cancer of the lung, tongue, colon, rectum and many more. Consumed daily and intensively, tobacco may cause respiratory problems. And it would be a shame to come to this for a mixture that is absolutely not necessary.

CBD and nicotine are two opposite substances.

The second reason is that nicotine and CBD cause opposite effects.

One relaxes you, while the other turns you on. On the one hand, nicotine is a psychoactive and addictive molecule that stimulates your nervous system, increases your heart rate and causes an adrenaline rush.

On the other hand, CBD is a molecule that does not provide any psychoactive or addictive effects, just a feeling of physical and mental relaxation.

So why take two totally opposite substances at the same time? It’s a bit contradictory, isn’t it? And yet, it is still the most popular way to consume cannabis.

In the old days, cannabis users had little choice.

But today, CBD has become widely democratized in France and around the world and there are many alternatives to consume it healthily. You will not be able to say that you did not know!

How to properly consume CBD?

Infuse CBD in the form of herbal tea

One of the healthiest ways to consume CBD without tobacco is herbal tea. To make an infusion based on flowers or CBD resin, nothing could be simpler. Just boil some water and add some fat, crumble some resin or CBD flower, and let it steep for at least 15 minutes.

Quick, simple and economical, this technique allows you to consume therapeutic cannabis throughout the day, without any adverse effect on your health. On the contrary, you will be able to combine the benefits of a warm and comforting herbal tea with the medicinal virtues of CBD.

Incorporating CBD into Food

For those who love to cook, you can also incorporate CBD into your cooking. To do this, several solutions are available to you. You can simply add a few drops of CBD oils to your cooking preparations if you don’t have time to cook. But if you like to concoct original recipes, you can reduce a little resin or CBD flower to powder to incorporate them in a cake, in a dish or in a drink. All your recipes can be enhanced with a little CBD!

Take CBD oil

The easiest and fastest way to consume CBD is sublingual oil.

No need for preparation, you just have to pour a few drops of CBD oils under your tongue, and it’s already done. The effects are quick, you don’t need any ingredients or utensils. Leave the drops in your mouth for a few moments so that the product can be absorbed through the mucous membranes and act quickly. If you don’t like the sublingual taste, you can definitely add CBD oil directly to your dishes or drinks.

Using CBD cosmetics

If you don’t like the taste of hemp at all and don’t want to ingest it, you still have the option of CBD cosmetics. Face cream, ultra massaging oil, ointment… All of these products can be applied directly to your skin.

This method is very popular with athletes who need a soothing cream to relieve their muscles after physical exertion. It is also a new flagship ingredient in beauty products that we see more and more appear in major cosmetic stores. For those who have tested, the effects of hemp on the skin would be revolutionary.

Inhale CBD using a vape or a Deli pen

And finally, for those who really have a hard time getting away from the smoke, the best solution is still vaporization. No joint, no tobacco. Simply a state-of-the-art accessory that lets you inhale a smooth, healthy and controlled cannabis vapor. This method is certainly the most popular with former smokers, but it is also the most expensive. While buying a quality vaporizer is a big budget, it is a must-have investment for your health. If you do the math at the end of the year, you may find that using a vaporizer is much more profitable than buying tobacco and leaves every week.

CBD, an effective solution to stop smoking

If you used to smoke joints with tobacco, now is the time to think about your health and reconsider your relationship with cannabis. Today, you are lucky to be able to benefit from a healthy product with multiple virtues, without the harmful effects of THC, and you already know at least 5 good ways to consume it without degrading your health. So ask yourself the right questions: Why do you smoke joints with tobacco? What’s in it for you? Is it really the nicotine that attracts you or the relaxing effects of marijuana? For many people, CBD has been a life saving alternative that has allowed them to quit smoking for good. In the end, if you consume CBD without tobacco, not only will you save a lot of money but above all your health will thank you.

Smoking Pure CBD Without Tobacco, Is It Bad?

According to scientific studies, the smoke of pure cannabis is not associated with serious diseases such as lung cancer. However, regular consumption of pure cannabis can harm the bronchi and lungs. While smoking pure cannabis is nowhere near as bad as smoking tobacco, the risks exist when you smoke.

Can CBD Make You Addicted?

No, unlike nicotine, CBD does not cause addiction. You may very well be able to quit CBD overnight without feeling lacking. This is why it is important not to mix it with tobacco, as you might feel like you are getting addicted when in reality you are just addicted to nicotine.


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