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Live better through menopause with CBD

Cannabidiol, a legal cannabis extract with a thousand and one therapeutic virtues

CBD, an excellent painkiller

For some women, menopause isn’t just uncomfortable. She is too painful ! Joint pain, muscle pain, breast pain, or even headaches, the whole body sometimes seems to become a source of suffering … All this is not by chance since the drop in estrogen favors the presence of inflammatory molecules. in the body. It should also be noted that more than 60% of women aged 40 to 64 say they have arthritis symptoms on a daily basis. The good news is that CBD is anciently known for its analgesic properties. True natural painkiller CBD can effectively relieve many physical ailments, but also reduce the inflammation that causes pain.

The benefits of CBD on sleep

Postmenopausal women also complain of insomnia. These only accentuate the fatigue already present in this stage of life. However, CBD is undoubtedly the ally of the most peaceful nights! It offers all the benefits of a light and natural sleeping pill. For good reason, therapeutic cannabis acts positively on the endocannabinoid system. This large network of CB1 and CB2 receivers regulates a large number of important bodily functions. It has an impact, for example, on appetite, mood, pain or even … sleep!
A 2019 study called “Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: A Large Case Series” confirms the benefits of CBD on sleep. 66.7% of participants who used CBD saw improvement in sleep disorders from the first month.

CBD against extra pounds

One of the inconveniences of menopause is weight gain. Many postmenopausal women feel self-conscious about their extra pounds. Rather than starting a drastic and dangerous diet, nothing beats a good food rebalancing … and CBD! CBD appetite suppressant? The answer is yes ! Most people ignore it, but cannabidiol can help slim your figure over the long term. By acting on the endocannabinoid system, it helps regulate appetite, and therefore prevent incessant hunger pangs and snacking. In addition, it has been discovered that hemp is able to transform white fat into brown fat. In other words, it allows the body to reduce bad fats in favor of good fats. In medical jargon, we talk about a process of browning fat.

CBD, a natural antidepressant

Finally, menopause is often accompanied by sadness, melancholy, worry and loss of self-confidence … To alleviate these psychological ailments, CBD is once again a perfect remedy. For good reason, it acts exactly like a natural antidepressant. Long known to reduce stress and anxiety, it is a good way to relax. By modulating the level of serotonin, nicely nicknamed “the hormone of happiness”, it considerably improves depressive states, and promotes the joy of life and optimism. Undoubtedly, cannabidiol is therefore the ideal substance to better experience menopause in your head and in your body! It helps to consider this new stage of life more calmly, and to keep the gaze positively turned towards the future.


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