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Buy CBD Online: The Best Deals Are On The Internet!

Since 2018, CBD has been democratizing in France at great speed. After some legal entanglements linked to opaque legislation around CBD, everything is now very clear, the CBD is legal in France and its business too. You still have to find your way among the hundreds of sellers, resellers, official or not, in stores or on the internet. This guide provides some answers, to find out more see our great guide to CBD 2021.

Why is CBD cheaper on the internet?

A routine analysis of the price of CBD flowers (but this is also the case for CBD oils and herbal teas) indicates that the prices on the Internet are much better than in stores.

Orange Bud, a legendary weed at an unbeatable price

Indeed, for a good quality flower, take for example the Orange Bud CBG sold on our site, the price for a 10g pouch is only 9.9 Euros per gram. This is much lower than in stores or the gram of the same variety is often sold for more than 15 Euros (or even 18 Euros) per gram. A very simple reason which explains this phenomenon. The cost of running a store is extremely high compared to that of a website (think of rent, salaries of salespeople, etc.).

Buy CBD on the internet with free shipping

For Authentique-CBD, the primary objective is to offer our customers premium CBD products at the best possible price. And if you are wondering about shipping costs, know that they are free for ANY order on the site, regardless of the amount in your basket.

Why is CBD of better quality on the internet?

Before embarking on the adventure of selling CBD on the internet, the team toured the CBD brands in several regions of France and even if some try to stand out, most sell products of poor or bad quality. .

Authentique-CBD, the benchmark for high-quality CBD on the internet

Based on this observation and in order to offer quality CBD products on the French market, the Authentique-CBD team began a long and tedious search for the best products.

Super fast and free CBD delivery with Authentic-CBD

In our philosophy of placing customer satisfaction at the center of all our decisions, we immediately recognized that fast and free delivery is essential.

A constantly expanding service area

As our company is located in the Val d’Oise department, it was important to ensure the satisfaction of our local customers at a time when it was still impossible tobuy CBD in Cergy or Pontoise. Little by little, thanks to word of mouth, many are CBD consumers in Yvelines who have visited our site to supply their CBD needs.

Delivery of CBD throughout France and Europe

Today we are proud to be able to cover the entire French territory. We do in particular CBD flower deliveries in Strasbourg, in Toulouse and also in Marseille. Even if you live in a small town or a town, we effectively cover the entire French territory and can deliver our CBD to Bordeaux as well as to Lyon or Dijon.

The best of CBD online at

If this is your first time buying CBD on the internet (or the first time buying CBD altogether), you might need the following tips to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

Order your CBD flowers today, receive them tomorrow!

With a budget of around 100 Euros for example, it is possible to put together a very nice anthology of different varieties in order to take advantage of the different olfactory and taste sensations.

The CBD trim, a must

We advise all our customers to try our CBD trim which we are proud of because it offers unparalleled value for money. From a 100% organic culture, it can be used in mixtures with other varieties or alone as an infusion and its fragrance is captivating! The 20g pouch is sold for 59.90 Euros.

The Jack Herer, queen of the outdoors

Jack Herer weed also seems to be a must for customers who make their first order. Coming from an outdoor culture, the Jack Herer CBD is often acclaimed by connoisseurs for its high quality and authentic hemp taste ! We recommend the 5g pouch which is sold for 29.50 Euros.

The Pineapple Express Indoor, a legendary hemp flower

To finish in style, indulge yourself in the luxury of Pineapple Express Indoor CBD. It is quite simply the must of the Indoor varieties, it offers intense and complex taste emotions, aromatic and powerful flowers which will give you pleasant moments of relaxation.

If you follow our advice, your basket should be around 100 Euros.

The best part about it is that there are no other costs! Authentic-CBD’s policy is to make free delivery of CBD everywhere in France. Buying CBD in France has never been easier!


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