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Authentique-CBD, more than a website, a reference brand for premium CBD products.

After a few months of preparing our online sales platform, we are now ready to get down to business: the rapid development of our range of products sourced from suppliers who respect rigorous specifications in order to offer you high quality CBD products. To learn more about CBD news, read our special feature!

Authentic-CBD CBD oil, a benchmark of quality

As you have surely noticed, we have already introduced our own CBD oil. It was extremely important for us to place the brand in a dynamic of sustainable development. For us, for our health, for the planet and the one we will leave to future generations. This is why the range of oil that we offer is drawn from 100% organic agriculture without herbicides or pesticides. And frankly, it shows in the taste! The enthusiasm that we have felt from our customers is absolutely formidable, it motivates us and pushes us to maintain this quality standard in the development of our future products.

Authentic CBD oil-CBD, the darling of social networks

The launch of our 100% Organic CBD Oil was also the opportunity to launch our first communication action on social networks. We therefore created the Authentic Tester Program to bring together influencers interested in CBD in order to obtain unfiltered feedback from them.

The ensuing tidal wave exceeded our expectations and the buzz around Authentic-CBD CBD oil continues to resonate even today. If you also wish to join the Authentic Tester Program, do not hesitate to contact us.

The range of Authentique-CBD infusions, the first infusion with real CBD flowers

The Authentique-CBD team is above all a bunch of enthusiasts in search of quality products. Regarding the infusions, it must be said that we have often been frustrated. Today the category of premium infusions is almost non-existent and that is what we wanted to remedy.

A simple idea, put whole flowers in our infusions

After having tested the infusions prepared with CBD sold in certain stores, the first observation that we made is the following: there is no taste of CBD at all, it is regrettable and it is the least that we can tell. A rigorous analysis of the content of these infusions makes a rather surprising verdict: these infusions do not contain any CBD flowers, a few rare leaves at most.

Obviously, these prepared infusions do not have the relaxing effects that we expect. Determined to offer a premium product, the Authentique-CBD team therefore went into “research and development” mode to find the ingredients and the right dosages which today constitute our infusion range.

Available for sale since December 2020, the premium Authentique-CBD infusion has already won over many consumers who are raving about the taste quality of the 4 products we have developed : Quiet night with sweet orange peels, Relaxing Mint for absolute freshness, Detox Relax with green tea and Zen Red Fruits with wild berries!

The secret that makes the success of this range is undoubtedly our “no compromise” approach in terms of quality with teas from organic farming and of course the presence of whole CBD flowers in the infusion which allows to have the hemp taste and the long awaited relaxing effects. projects for 2021

More and more quality CBD products

We can say that 2020 was a preparation phase for Authentique-CBD. After the site went live in November, we will now focus on the development of new products, always with the same ideology: Health, Well-being, Nature, Environment, Sustainable development.

From CBD cosmetics through the CBD drinks, sweets such as CBD chocolate or candy, our team intends to apply the same efforts and the same rigor to the development of these products, to satisfy our community.

CBD surprises and promotions

Let’s keep some secrets anyway! The team has various and varied projects that are sure to surprise you. Don’t forget to follow us on social networks and leave us a little comment and a “like” to allow us to continue to grow the Authentique-CBD community and allow more consumers to find premium CBD products. .

We also offer CBD promo codes, discounts, special offers throughout the year! Thank you for following us and Happy New Year to all CBD fans!


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