All about Trim CBD: The Authentic-CBD Guide


How to choose the right Trim CBD?

The Trim CBD is often coveted by CBD enthusiasts who use it primarily for infusions or in mixtures with other varieties to replace tobacco.

Authentique-CBD offers you this guide that will help you distinguish and buy Trim CBD in France. Our Complete Guide to All CBD Flowers can also be consulted to find out more about the other varieties

The quality of trim flowers

Just like when choosing other varieties of cbd flowers, the quality of the “heads” is essential. It is advisable to favor the Trim which presents whole heads because it is often a guarantee of quality.

Where does the trim come from and where to buy quality cbd trim?

The cbd trim consists of small buds (considered too small to be sold individually) of various varieties. This melting pot of more or less strong varieties usually creates a pleasant and quite powerful and characteristic odor.

Buying cbd trim in France can be complicated, especially for newbies. Our guide is here to enlighten you and help you distinguish a quality trim.

The Fine Trim: beware of scams

Fine CBD Trim is often of lower quality and some unscrupulous sellers take the opportunity to mix it with other plants to maximize their profits.

Often displayed at a price that seems very advantageous, you will ultimately not get your money’s worth, especially in terms of flavors. For consumers who choose to smoke Trim CBD, it is also a risk of exposure to dangerous products.

The smell of Trim: a mixture of intense aromas

If your Trim doesn’t smell, that’s not a good sign. Indeed, some sellers of poor quality trim say that it is normal for it to have little or no odor. This practice has tarnished the reputation of Trim CBD in recent years.

Contrary to what some seem to say, the cbd trim is not the “unsaleable leftovers” of other flowers.

The indoor trim: the must of quality

It is important to know what type of crop your hemp trim comes from. The cbd trim that we sell is mainly from indoor cultivation, it is an important guarantee of quality. This means that it is mainly made up of cbd flowers from indoor cultivation such as the Pineapple express, the Amnesia or the Orange Bud. All of these flowers are of very good quality and are expensive to grow.

Trim CBD is therefore a great way to consume quality cbd at a lower cost. Note also that all our cbd flowers are organically grown. This quality approach allows us to offer a trim cbd with exquisite flavors at an unbeatable price.

How to consume the cbd trim?

Testimonial from Marion, consumer of cbd trim

I buy my cbd trim per 100g bag, it is much cheaper! And I use it in EVERYTHING, cooking, infusions and especially for smoking it. Sometimes I smoke it alone because the Authentic CBD is of very good quality with beautiful flowers. Otherwise I use it in preparations with other varieties such as Jack Herer for example to avoid having to use tobacco.

I order it on the Authentique CBD website, often I am delivered the next day and in addition the delivery is free! For me, trim is a way of life, I love it! I feel good about myself, I am relaxed and relaxed. With everything we’ve been through recently, I really need it.

Some of my girlfriends don’t smoke, in which case I recommend the pure trim infusions. In the evening it’s great for releasing the pressure and falling asleep in Zen mode.


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