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The 3 types of crops for legal cannabis flowers

When it comes to buying cbd flowers, there is no shortage of choice. You can choose the varieties: Jack Herer, Mango Kush, Hawaiian Skunk, OG Kush, Strawberry Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Pineapple Express, Amnesia, etc … And you can also choose the cultivation methods: Indoor, Greenhouse Where Outdoor.

Indoor CBD Flowers

Indoor culture means indoor cultivation. By protecting the hemp plants from bad weather and pests, this cultivation method makes it possible to perfectly control the cbd flower harvest.

It also makes it possible to control the temperature, the luminosity, the pH, the nutrients, the humidity or the CO2.

You will understand, the Indoor culture of cbd is the most expensive method of cultivation but it is also the one that offers you a product of very high quality.

CBD Greenhouse flowers

Less expensive and more ecological that Indoor culture, Greenhouse culture offers a good compromise for cbd flowers.

Thanks to the greenhouse, this production method protects the cannabis plants from bad weather, cold and wind and also offers them the privilege of benefiting from the natural light of the sun and the nutrients naturally present in the soil.

As with indoor cultivation, the greenhouse allows the use of artificial lights at night to increase the yield of cbd plants. It is therefore a method of cultivation which has many advantages and which makes it possible to cultivate very good quality cbd flowers.

The Flowers of CBD Outdoor

If there is one way of growing natural and timeless hemp, it is Outdoor culture. Hemp has always been cultivated outdoors and likes it there!

Natural watering by rainwater, natural sunlight, ventilation thanks to the wind … Even if CBD hemp seems to be in its element, Outdoor culture has some drawbacks.

It is impossible to control the climate, which could prove to be very damaging in the event of heavy storms, heavy rains or hail.

Generally, production from Outdoor culture, offers less upscale products than greenhouse or indoor crops.

Despite everything, it remains a very good compromises which allowsbuy cheap cbd flowers !


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