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CBD, the new hobbyhorse of vape brands

With the advent of Vapes in the world of smokers for several years, many references have arrived on the market and consumers are very fond of them. Renowned as less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, less intrusive for non-smokers and more discreet, the Vape is gaining ground and gaining followers.

The emergence of CBD e-liquids

Today, many established brands also offer CBD e-liquids. What are the particularities of these products? How to navigate among thousands of references not always very explicit? We try in this article to find answers to these questions.

Who are CBD vapes for?

In recent years, vaping has gone from being a niche gadget to a prominent place in urban and popular culture. But what about CBD vapes ? There are several types of consumers that can be summarized in the following categories:

People who are withdrawing from Cannabis

In a previous article on the use of CBD for weaning people addicted to Cannabis (that is to say which contains THC) we have collected the testimonies of people in this situation and who made the apology of the CBD like a extremely effective molecule for overcoming dependence. We still deplore the lack of scientific and medical research on this subject today, but users’ feedback is indisputable. The CBD e-liquids also seem to be popular with people who are withdrawing from cannabis. Indeed, by the use of terpenes, e-liquids make it possible to make an experience of flavor and olfactory very similar to people looking for the “hemp” taste.

Testimonial from Rico, 24 years old, Blogger

The CBD vape for me it is a revelation. At all levels it allowed me to break my addiction to Cannabis. It’s already much simpler, I can take my e-pen everywhere without causing questioning glances around me. The other positive side is that you can easily limit yourself in the dosage, when I feel that I need it I take a little puff and I don’t feel the need for the rest of the day. It also offers more discretion, today Vapes are very common and it goes unnoticed. That’s what I like.

People who quit smoking

Contemporary society has made tremendous progress in terms of public health and more and more people are aware of the ailments caused by cigarette addiction both for themselves but also for those around them (passive smokers). Even if we should surely praise the total cessation of smoked substances, it is clear that the Vape is today considered to be much less harmful than the traditional combustion cigarette. It should also be taken into account that the addiction to cigarettes (nicotine) is extremely hard to wean. This is why some smokers turn to CBD vape to help them make a smoother transition.

Testimony of Mary. 42 years old, Educator

For me, cigarettes are the most addictive drug. I was his prey for 25 years. Like many 17 year old girls I thought it was “cool” to smoke cigarettes but I never could have known how hard it is to quit. Frankly I have tried everything, hypnosis, patches, gentle cures, etc … I always ended up falling back into it. Until my daughter gives me an e-pen and tells me that at least it will hurt my lungs less. At first I was skeptical, then in the end I found CBD e-liquids. There I really felt a difference. I take a high CBD concentration (600mg) so it calms down for quite a long time but I just take one puff at a time.

A desire for instant relaxation

The Vape combined with CBD allows you to activate the effects in a almost instantaneous. It only takes a puff and a few seconds for the CBD molecules integrated by our body to provide feelings of relaxation that vary according to the concentration of CBD but also the physiology of the person. Unlike THC which is psychoactive (illegal in France) and causes a “high” effect, CBD is not psychoactive, so it does not cause this “high” effect which allows people who consume it to continue their day in a completely normal and relaxed. This provides a relaxing effect.

We see that people with a stressful professional activity are often followers. CBD E-liquids allow them to relax, in the most total discretion and without having to resort to other strong therapeutic methods (anxiolitics).

What is the concentration of CBD in E-liquids?

The category of CBD E-liquids is relatively new today and each brand communicates differently on the content and concentration of CBD. We come back to the basic concepts to take stock:

The capacity in milliliters

The capacity in ml is the total volume of liquid present in your vial of e-liquid. Not to be confused with the CBD concentration.

The concentration of CBD in mg / ml or in mg / volume

The concentration of CBD in your e-liquid can be expressed in two ways: Either in mg / ml ie for each ml of liquid you have “x” mg of CBD. Or in mg of the total volume of the flask. For the first way, it’s simple because the unit of measurement “ml” is fixed. On the other hand with the second way it can be confusing, indeed if the total volume of the vial is not specified (intentionally or not), the indication of volume of “mg” (milligrams) of CBD can be misleading. For example, if a vial says 100 mg of CBD but the vial is 30ml, that means the concentration is only 3.3mg per ml (very low). While if the vial is 10ml, for the same capacity of CBD, it is 10mg per ml (average concentration).

Rest assured, all these terms become familiar over time and you will quickly find your way around! You can also check out our guide to CBD products to learn more about it!


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