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The virtues of CBD linked to well-being

For twenty years, scientific studies of the plant Cannabis multiply. the THC, a psychotropic component of the plant and which gives rise to much debate, is surely the best known as well. the CBD as for him still remains very little known and the studies are still rare.

Since the wave of Cannabis legalization initiated a few years ago across the Atlantic, consumers are increasingly open to studying the potential benefits of this plant and especially cannabinoids that can help them feel better. For more information, see our special guide: What should you know about CBD in 2021?

1 – A moment of relaxation thanks to CBD

We live in an ever more demanding, ever faster world. In the city as in the rural areas, our society is organized around codes of performance which require of us a high frequency activity as well on the physical, intellectual and emotional level.

Testimonial from Romuald, 21, looking for a job

“When I finished my business school, I felt a wave of responsibility come over me. I know you always have to keep a balance in life, but I was overwhelmed. Between the job search, the relationship with my girlfriend, the bills that pile up and other hassles of everyday life, I couldn’t find that time of the day when I can say to myself: I just want to blow some minutes. Since I discovered the CBD in the form of oil, I manage to ask myself and it does me a lot of good! My favorite technique is to put a few drops ofCBD oil 25% on a Pepperoni Pizza, I put myself a movie on Netflix and I manage to unhook for the evening. ”

2 – Can CBD Help Reduce Stress?

Closely linked to the comments mentioned in the previous point, stress is one of the most common symptoms observed in modern society, regardless of age or gender. The causes of this stress are many and varied and it is difficult to find a miracle cure for this scourge which affects according to studies between 10% and 15% of the French population.

Testimonial from Mélanie, 48 years old, commercial director of a large group

“The year 2020 is for me an extremely difficult test. I have just arrived in this new position which is for me a consecration but the situation due to the COVID crisis poses many challenges in my path. Talking about stress is An understatement! My high position in the company nevertheless gives me the privilege of having a private office which allows me to vape. e-liqCBD uid, I swear by this. For me the must is the 600mg of CBD concentration. A puff when I’m at a peak of pressure and within seconds I’m calming down. It really helps me a lot. ”

3 – people prone to inflammation might find CBD useful

Whether chronic or temporary, inflammation disrupts the daily lives of people who suffer from it.

Testimonial from David, 31, Youtuber “Sportif”

“I really regret the taboo that persists on the subject of hemp and especially CBD. A lot of people ask me about inflammation and I really want to recommend CBD to them. I feel the trend is starting to change but there is still a way to go. It’s a shame because for me the CBD was really effective to soothe pain caused by inflammation. ”

4 – Can CBD give a boost of creativity?

Testimony of Omar, 26, sculptor

“Between the smartphone, social networks, television and all the other distractions that one has at your fingertips, it is increasingly difficult to ask oneself to draw deep within oneself the creativity that an artist needs. to reveal himself. CBD helps me fit into my bubble. I consume about 1g of flowers per day when I am in the creative process. I turn off my phone and don’t even think about it, I surrender to my art and become one with sculpture. ”

Nature gave us hemp, hemp gave us CBD

5 – Hemp, a 100% natural plant

Used since the dawn of time, the hemp is unquestionably man’s greatest friend. Over the centuries, we have used all the components of hemp in our daily lives.

Hemp is used in particular in the manufacture of fabric, various elements used for industrial purposes, oil for various purposes, cosmetics and even biodegradable plastic that could one day replace the hydrocarbon plastics that pollute our oceans.

Hemp is the quintessential plant of sustainable development.

6 – A plant that scores ecological points: hemp

Ecologically, we can say that hemp is an exemplary plant! You can do almost anything with hemp and that with an extremely reduced impact on the environment.

We note for example that hemp does not require any input for its cultivation, i.e. no insecticide, fungicide or herbicide.

7 – For you and for future generations, let’s say stop over-medication

Although the advances in science are undeniable and have been beneficial advances for modern society in terms of quality and comfort of life, it is clear that we tend to resort to self-medication systemically and repercussions of these habits are difficult to grasp.

Should we not try to turn to more natural solutions such as hemp, CBD, legal cannabis, to meet daily living conditions for which our body does not necessarily need an umpteenth dose of medicine?

Scientific research in this regard is still relatively scarce, but the question deserves to be asked. On this subject, we advise you to read the article on therapeutic cannabis.


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