5 countries where smoking weed is the riskiest.


There are places on the planet where cannabis is considered a drug on the same level as heroin.

In 30 of these countries, simple possession of weed can lead to the death penalty.

For you, we conducted our small survey of the countries where the penalties related to cannabis are the highest.


In Saudi Arabia, the cannabis possession policy is implemented in 3 stages.

At the first arrest, you can overwhelm 6 months in prison; the second to a prison sentence of 7 years; in the third, it is the death penalty.

In 2018, 48 people had already been executed for drug-related offenses, reports Human Rights Watch.

And in 2014, 200 people were executed for similar crimes.

The country is not revealing the real details of these death sentences and the state news agency remains evasive in its reports.

It even appears that in the country, those condemned to death can be executed in public.


A recent report from Human Right Watch namedAll this for a joint reveals prison penalties for those convicted of possession or trafficking of cannabis in Tunisia.

You can face up to 1 year in prison for a joint and a minimum of 5 years for a repeated crime.

During 2015, more than 6,000 people were imprisoned for simple possession or consumption of cannabis.


Since taking office, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has waged a merciless war on drugs.

In the years 2016 and 2017, 7,000 people were reportedly killed in the Philippines for drug trafficking.

There if you sell 1.5g of cannabis, you can spend the end of your life in prison.

Even in some cases, simple possession or trafficking of cannabis can lead to the death penalty.


In Malaysia, anyone who transports more than 200g of cannabis is then considered a drug trafficker.

According to Malaysian law, all drug trafficking resulted in the death penalty.

Last August, Malaysia was at the heart of a scandal when a man was sentenced to death for giving free cannabis oil to people in need.

The controversy was such that the Prime Minister himself asked for his sentence to be reviewed.

Fortunately last October Malaysia’s communications minister Gobind Singh Deo announced that the government had decided to abolish the death penalty.


Thailand is one of the first countries in Asia to partially legalize cannabis, medical cannabis has been officially legal there since 2019.

However, the laws on cannabis use and possession remain extremely strict for recreational use. Simple possession can put you in jail for 15 years.


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