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THC and CBD are two different molecules with different effects

What CBD and THC have in common

As mentioned earlier, many people mistakenly confuse CBD and THC. For good reason, these two molecules do indeed have some points in common. In particular, they both come from the cannabis plant. In addition, they are part of the large family of cannabinoids, substances capable of activating the cannabinoid receptors naturally present in the human body. You should know that there are nearly 60 different plant cannabinoids, including CBD and THC.

The differences between THC and CBD

Despite undeniable similarities, there’s a whole world between CBD and THC. Known for its euphoric and addictive effects, THC is often used recreationally by consumers. Through this soft drug, the objective is generally to reach a state of “high”. CBD, on the other hand, is perfectly legal in France. For good reason, it has no psychotropic action, and does not cause addiction. It is therefore impossible to become addicted to CBD or even to dive into a daze while consuming CBD!

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Choose premium CBD

The benefits of CBD are well established. However, to benefit from it, it is always better to go for high-end cannabidiol. The question is on everyone’s lips: what is the best CBD site to find quality products?
Without a doubt, it’s time to find out Authentic-CBD, the essential e-shop for all lovers of Premium CBD. This 100% French brand is part of an approach that is both ethical and qualitative. You will find a wide choice of organic CBD products. Grown by passionate farmers in the heart of a renowned Swiss farm, they do not contain the slightest trace of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Choosing Authentique-CBD is choosing organic CBD, fully respectful of the planet.

Free CBD delivery!

Buying CBD on the Internet is a simple, fast and discreet way to benefit from the thousand and one virtues of hemp. With Authentique-CBD, it only takes a few clicks to find your favorite cannabidiol products (CBD oils, CBD flowers, CBD e-liquids …). The good news is that no matter how much you buy, Authentic-CBD delivers to you completely free. Each package is concocted with the greatest care, and sent as quickly as possible, without any distinctive sign concerning its content. Did you know ? Authentique-CBD only chooses trusted logistics partners. Risks linked to transport are therefore extremely rare. However, in the event of loss, your package will be returned to you quickly and free of charge by responsive and competent customer service.


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