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Since the coronavirus pandemic, teleworking has become part of the daily life of many French people. Contrary to popular belief, this new way of working is often a source of stress for employees. If you are concerned, CBD may well improve your daily life! Here are three effective ways to use it.

CBD, an ally against anxiety

According to a recent study conducted by the OpinionWay institute, one in two French employees would be in a situation of “psychological distress” in particular because of teleworking, put in place since the health crisis linked to Covid-19. Indeed, for many, adapting to a new work environment can be particularly difficult. The management of children and household chores sometimes entangling with this can make things much more complicated than expected.

Good news: miraculous solutions exist to reduce stress and boost productivity! the CBD is one of them and could become a real ally in your professional life. The advantages of this molecule safe for health are multiple, which is why it is used more and more in naturopathy and in the medical field. Unlike THC, remember that cannabidiol does not cause physical dependence and does not cause psychoactive effects.

1. Adopt CBD oil on a daily basis

Among the must-have cannabidiol products isCBD oil. This is a natural remedy for stress very easy to use. If you have never had it before, we recommend that you start with the lowest dosage. Under your tongue, pour five to ten drops of CBD oil. The operation is to be repeated three times a day. The first positive effects will appear quickly, in just a few minutes. Good to know: CBD oil capsules exist and allow you to better dose the amount of product.

2. Consume CBD infusions

Between two teleworking videoconferences, you usually drink a cup of coffee or tea. How about switching to CBD infusions? This 100% natural drink has a multitude of benefits and is an unstoppable remedy for anxiety. The infusion is a preferred mode of consumption because it has the particularity of keeping the cannabidiol molecules intact while preserving the taste of the plant. To prepare a CBD herbal tea, you just need toinfuse a few hemp flowers or some hemp herbal teas in a container filled with boiling water. Then let it rest for a few minutes before enjoying your delicious drink. Relaxation break guaranteed!

3. Take CBD candy

Gourmands and quick to consume during a day of work at home, CBD candy has it all. These new generation little treats will delight the most greedy among you. However, these sweets act against stress much less quickly than oil based on cannabidiol. The active ingredients concentrated in CBD candies are only absorbed when they arrive in the stomach. It is mainly for this reason that the first effects are not observed until an hour after ingestion of these sweets. To fully appreciate the results, we invite you to use them before starting your telecommuting session.

Is telecommuting a source of stress for you? Have you ever tried a CBD product for anxiety?


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