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Fighting stress has become an essential quest in the modern world. So much so that there is a growing interest in yoga among Westerners. This ancestral Indian discipline has many virtues, including that of soothing the body and mind. But associated with the consumption of cannabidiol (CBD), it is even more judicious … Do not forget to consult our special dossier on CBD for athletes.

CBD and yoga: the winning combo!

“Ganja yoga”, this ancient practice …

Yoga has been around since the dawn of time. This both bodily and spiritual practice originated in India several millennia BC. Derived from the Sanskrit term “yug”, meaning “union”, this discipline brings together a wide variety of exercises related to the body and the mind. It is particularly a question of postures, breathing techniques, or meditative states. If yoga is used today mainly for its appearance relaxing, it once had a real esoteric meaning. Its aim was to achieve a form of harmony between the physical and psychological aspects.

Did you know ? Combining cannabis and yoga is not a new fad! On the contrary, “ganja yoga” has existed for millennia. In the Hindu tradition, during spiritual rituals, yogis consumed a mixture of hemp, milk and spices, called Bhang. According to beliefs, this allowed them to access the supernatural worlds more easily.

Today considered a drug, THC is banned in France. However, it is still quite possible to legally benefit from the virtues of cannabis. thanks to CBD ! This molecule, from the cannabinoid family, is devoid of any addictive or psychoactive effect. Its consumption is therefore not only authorized, but also safe! In addition, cannabidiol has many therapeutic benefits, which makes it an ideal ally for yoga enthusiasts …

Good reasons to combine yoga and CBD

CBD to let go

As a spiritual art, the yoga requires going out of the mind, to better anchor oneself in the present moment. It is essential to calm the flow of thoughts, to fully surrender to your feelings and emotions. However, in our contemporary societies, we tend to be constantly on the move, to the point of not being able to take hold for a few moments.

To promote this inner calm, and a successful yoga session, nothing better than the use of CBD! Mainly known for its relaxing properties, cannabidiol is a powerful anti-stress tool. It allows you to release the physical and psychological tensions of everyday life. It is therefore a good way to disconnect from the outside world, and to indulge in an introspective journey …

In addition, CBD can help maintain the deep state of calm that one feels at the end of a (good) yoga session. In a situation of well-being, the body naturally releases anandamide, the neurotransmitter of happiness. However, the latter tends to be quickly broken down by the body, which sometimes explains a sudden return to reality. However, CBD slows down the action of the destructive enzyme of anandamide. The pleasant effects are then more lasting.

CBD to connect body and mind

Achieve body-mind harmony; this is one of the main goals of yoga! As surprising as it may seem, the use of cannabidiol could prove useful in this mystical quest … Indeed, researchers from the Intercontinental Neuroscience Research Group conducted a study on the subject in 2017. They then issued the hypothesis that the endocannabinoid system contributes to human consciousness. On the other hand, they have shown that the latter played a major role in many psychic processes, such as dream states or post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). However, the endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors present in all mammals, with which the consumption of CBD directly interacts …

CBD for pain relief

The practice of yoga involves performing figures, which requires flexibility. In the long run, practicing yoga only has health benefits. Like any regular physical activity, yoga maintains the body, and even works to reduce chronic pain. Finally, the more you practice, the more you progress, and the more benefits you get!

However, getting started is not always easy for novices, especially with stiffness. Once again, CBD is an interesting boost! Thanks to its action on the endocannabinoid system, it acts as a broad spectrum anti-inflammatory, and effectively relieves muscle pain, the joint pain, and the neuropathic pain. Using CBD therefore allows not only ease of movement, but also better recovery.

How to combine CBD and yoga?

CBD oil for quick effects

CBD oil has many benefits. Easy to use, it offers fast and optimal results, which makes it a favorite product for yogis! It is recommended to use CBD oil sublingually, placing a few drops under the tongue, using a pipette. The intake should take place between 15 and 30 minutes before a yoga session.

CBD flowers to integrate into meals

For the greediest, CBD can also find its place in the kitchen. The CBD flower, in particular, will easily integrate into your favorite recipes. Quiches, cakes, cookies, cookies… why not add a delicious touch of cannabidiol? For drink lovers, CBD herbal tea is also a hit. It is consumed hot or cold, depending on the season. In this way, CBD should be consumed a few hours before your yoga session.

Why choose organic CBD?

Without a doubt, the yoga and CBD duo is to be recommended! But be careful not to rush … Novices should be careful to choose the right cannabidiol products. Indeed, the CBD market is so vast that tempting offers are popping up everywhere. But not all are created equal in terms of quality! For health and efficiency issues, it is better to turn to a premium CBD store, such as Authentique-CBD, the French reference for organic CBD.


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