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In recent years, CBD has been the new darling of well-being. This molecule, of its scientific name cannabidiol, provides many benefits and is available in various products. In its most natural form, CBD is contained in hemp flowers. These are very popular with consumers, whether they are newbies or beginners. We tell you everything there is to know about legal cannabis flowers!

Understanding everything about CBD flowers

The essential CBD flowers

There are many varieties of CBD flowers, some of which have become essential. Each flower has the particularity of containing distinct aromas which contribute to their popularity with consumers. So there is something for everyone! In addition, it is useful to remember that CBD flowers must contain a THC rate of less than 0.2% to be legal in France. Plus, unlike recreational cannabis flowers, CBD does not cause any psychotropic or addictive effects.

You can therefore consume it as an infusion or vaporization in complete safety. Among the best CBD flowers, we find Jack Herer, a mythical variety of hemp that will satisfy the most purists! But there is also Amnesia CBD, a hemp flower with a high cannabidiol content, with a bitter and woody taste. Or the Strawberry CBD, a flower with sweet notes of strawberries and forest fruits, which offers you a perfect moment of relaxation.

If you want a powerful CBD flower, with lemony aromas with a hint of citrus, you can go for Super Lemon Haze. Another flagship CBD flower, highly sought after by discerning consumers: OG Kush, which has a woody and bitter scent. And finally, there is Trim CBD, which consists of a mix of cannabidiol flowers.

Three Ways to Grow CBD Flowers

Cultivated by humans for millennia, hemp was first produced outdoors. Then, following its ban at the beginning of the last century, its production was completely revised. This is why today there are three ways to cultivate CBD : indoor (indoor), outdoor (outdoor) or greenhouse (greenhouse). These cultivation methods differ and each have advantages and disadvantages.

Growing outdoors is the most natural and environmentally friendly way to grow cannabidiol flowers. Its main benefit is to offer a high yield, because the plants naturally benefit from water and sunlight to grow. The flavors of outdoor CBD flowers are much more authentic and raw than their indoor or greenhouse counterparts.

Regarding indoor culture, it was born at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a discreet way to cultivate hemp and it allows full control of the production conditions. Growing hemp indoors results in high-quality, very luscious CBD flowers.

Still fairly new, the greenhouse cultivation method is a mix between indoor and outdoor production. Legal cannabis plants enjoy natural soil and are bathed in sunlight while remaining protected from the vagaries of nature. In addition, hemp growers can master the production conditions to provide very good value for money to consumers.


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