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CBD: between ancestral properties and novelty well-being

The history of CBD

The CBD molecule, also known as cannabidiol, was discovered just over 50 years ago. And yet, it is part of hemp, one of the oldest plants cultivated by humans. Recognized for its textile fibers and its medicinal benefits, hemp has long been used in its entirety. Throughout the ages and civilizations, it was renowned for its many anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic and sedative properties. Following the evolution of the pharmaceutical industry, its use declined and it became banned due to its psychotropic effects. With over 130 cannabinoids to its name, hemp has never ceased to intrigue. However, it was not until 1963 that the the discovery of CBD, thanks to Professor Raphael Mechoulam. It is the first to isolate the two main substances in cannabis: CBD and THC. Much research then followed to understand the actions of CBD on the body. Today considered as a well-being supplement, it comes in several forms: CBD oils, CBD herbal teas, cosmetics enriched with cannabidiol or even CBD flowers.

Using CBD, a fad?

The CBD market continues to grow in France. Even though France is positioned as the number one hemp producing country, cannabidiol has often been the subject of controversy. Indeed, there is an amalgam between THC and CBD, while the two substances are however very different. While the THC in recreational cannabis provides euphoric effects and addiction risks, CBD is neither high nor addicting. Thanks to the active fights of the defenders of the hemp sector and to legislative relaxations, the sale and consumption of CBD has exploded since the beginning of 2018. CBD is arousing curiosity and seducing users of all ages with its natural health benefits. Recognized on the scientific scene, consuming CBD is more than the trend. It is part of a well-being routine and allows you to better understand anxiety and the small ailments of everyday life.

CBD news to watch for loan

Authentique-CBD’s 2021 schedule

Since the launch of our CBD online store, we want to expand our offerings. As a first step, we focused on the development of benchmark CBD products, such as our range of organic cannabidiol oil or our infusions enriched with CBD. In addition, to meet all needs and desires, we want devote the second half of 2021 to the development of new ranges of CBD products. With the desire to include the brand in an eco-responsible dynamic, we are continually seeking to offer you the best of CBD. This is why all our CBD products are from organic farming and are free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides or heavy metals. The team Authentic-CBD works hard to offer you surprising projects! Stay tuned for news, soon online!

Therapeutic cannabis, a step towards experimentation in France

The year 2021 is full of twists and turns for the cannabis subsidiary. For the first time in France, a experimentation with cannabis for therapeutic use takes place. It should be noted that by medical cannabis, it is a question of treatment based on CBD and THC. While one is allowed in France, the other remains illegal. Delayed due to the health crisis, the study began at the end of March 2021. For two years, 3,000 patients with various diseases, such as multiple sclerosis or epilepsy, will be administered therapeutic cannabis in the form of capsules. , oils or spray of dried flowers. Already authorized in several countries to relieve degenerative pathologies and neuropathic pain, therapeutic cannabis remained on the fringes and not authorized in France. It is therefore a major advance for France. This also helps revive the subject on the place of medical cannabis in the French pharmaceutical industry. Case to be continued …


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