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Faced with the plurality of varieties of CBD flowers, it is not easy to determine which are the best. It is a subjective choice which varies according to the intended use and the tastes of each consumer. In contrast, CBD flowers must meet criteria to be considered the cream of the crop. Discover our top 3 best CBD flowers, which are very popular with seasoned consumers.

How to determine the best CBD flowers?

Intense aromas

For a CBD flower to be considered one of the best, one of the first things to assess is the aromatic profile and therefore its terpene content. These hydrocarbons create all the subtlety of the flavors of CBD flowers. Depending on the variety, the smells and taste differ, giving way to sweet, woody, spicy or even floral notes.
A good CBD flower is a flower that gives off an intense fragrance, easily identifiable. From opening the CBD pouch to tasting through the crumbling, the aromatic nuances must be present in the same intensity. It is a guarantee of high quality. If not, you may have poor quality flowers in your hands.

The power of effects

If you consume CBD hemp flowers, whether in infusion, inhalation or cooking, it is mainly to benefit from their natural virtues. Both relaxing, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety, CBD flowers owe their success to their powerful benefits. Remember that cannabidiol flowers are the purest and most natural form that contains CBD. They are not processed like other cannabidiol fortified products can be. Therefore, the CBD flowers considered to be the best tend to offer strong effects. With a CBD rate of up to 20%, they become emblematic by providing rapid and lasting actions. Be careful, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, so it doesn’t get you high.

Our selection of essential CBD flowers

Jack Herer

Variety resulting from a hybridization between Haze and Shiva Skunk, Jack Herer is positioned as one of the best outdoor CBD flowers. Thanks to its intoxicating spicy, woody and lemony aromas, it conquers both connoisseurs and beginners. With a CBD rate of around 14%, it offers you powerful relaxing effects almost immediately. But not only ! This sativa-dominant CBD flower is quite uplifting. It is therefore ideal for calming anxiety while helping to maintain a good mood on a daily basis. A tasting is essential to try all the richness of the flavors and the effects of this mythical flower that is the Jack Herer.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a timeless CBD flower which is positioned as one of the most popular varieties. It emerges in the 90s, under the sun of the American coasts from where it takes its name “OG”. This refers to “Ocean Grown”, that is to say cultivated near the ocean. Very quickly, it became famous in California and recognized for its ultra relaxing action. With a cannabidiol content of 19%, she is also one of the most potent flowers in the CBD market. Its deep woody aromas and touches of bitterness provide authentic flavor experiences. Whether you are a lover of woody flavors or a novice, OG Kush is sure to seduce you.

Amnesia CBD

This legendary exotic strain is very popular with expert consumers. Amnesia CBD is the perfect balance between sativa and indica dominance. With one of the highest levels of CBD on the market, around 17%, it is known for its rich relaxing and energizing effects. But not only ! It seduces consumers with its authentic aromatic touches. Its delicate notes of citrus fruits and lemons will satisfy your taste buds, even the most seasoned!


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