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Knowing how to appreciate CBD is not just based on its effects. In addition to the beneficial natural virtues, consumers enjoy the varied tastes of CBD flowers and focus on their physical appearance.
So, what aromas do CBD flowers have? How to choose them and recognize the good quality of cannabidiol flowers? We answer you in this guide!

CBD Flowers: Understanding Flavors

The multiple aromas of CBD flowers

To the delight of consumers, CBD, with its scientific name cannabidiol, offers many aromatic flavors. To fully understand the reason for these different fragrances, it is necessary to take an interest in the composition of hemp. Like all plants, cannabis contains organic elements, two of which give it a personal flavor profile. It’s about terpenes, repellent hydrocarbons with powerful odoriferous properties, and flavonoids, plant pigments with antioxidant action. The combination of these two compounds gives rise to the different tastes of CBD flower varieties.
In addition, each cultivated species of hemp, whether it is cannabis indica or sativa, has a particular terpene type. This explains the multitude of aromas present on the CBD market. We thus find fruity essences like theOrange Bud and some Lemon Haze with their citrus notes or even Mango Kush with its delicate tropical aromas. There are also CBD flowers with flavors rather spicy, which includes the famous Jack Herer. Or earthy reminiscent ofsmell of pine and wood likeOG Kush.
Each of the CBD flowers offers a unique tasting experience!

What are the best CBD flowers?

It is quite difficult to determine the best CBD flowers, by the great multitude of existing choices. But also, because each consumer has different uses and different tastes. On the other hand, some CBD flowers are particularly recognized on the market. With powerful effects and delicate flavors, they are the crème de la crème of cannabidiol flowers. This is particularly the case for the legendary Jack Herer, considered the best outdoor CBD flower in the CBD market. Or even the OG Kush from an indoor culture, which appeals to the most demanding users with its intense woody notes. Amnesia has also become a legendary strain with its lemony flavors and its chill effects very popular with consumers. The best CBD flowers stand out from the crowd with their premium quality, strong effects and tasty aromas.

Quality and choice of CBD flowers: we tell you everything

Our tips for choosing your CBD flowers

Like all other CBD products, you need to be sure of the origin of the flowers. Find out about the environment of hemp cultivation:

  • Is it organic?
  • Is it in contact with pesticides?
  • Is hemp planted on soil rich in minerals?
  • What are the production conditions?

Remember that it is important for your health to focus on CBD flowers from organic farming. They will therefore not contain any chemical element such as pesticides. Their quality will therefore not be altered! Then, it is important to take into account the level of CBD and THC contained in the flower. While CBD is completely legal, a flower should not exceed 0.2% THC in France. For this, many brands perform regular lab tests to make sure, as we do at Authentique-CBD.
In addition, according to your preferences, you have the choice between three categories of cultivation of CBD flowers: indoor, green house or outdoor. Namely that each of the cultures gives birth to varieties of CBD flowers with multiple aromas. Take into account the physical appearance, smell and color of the flower in your choice. As it can sometimes be difficult to know which flavors will satisfy you, the easiest way is to try several CBD flowers to find the one that will appeal to you!

The quality of CBD flowers: a non-negligible point

To check the quality of CBD flowers, it is necessary to rely on three basic criteria: smell, color and appearance.
First of all, CBD flowers are distinguished by their aromas. Depending on the variety you choose, you won’t get the same scent notes. You have a wide choice between flavors rather sweet, fruity, spicy, woody … An intense smell is the sign of a good quality of CBD flowers. Otherwise, the quality may be poor.
Be careful not to be deceived, some dishonest dealers add terpenes to accentuate the scent. To find out, you have to base yourself on the smell when you open the pouch and when you crush the flower. If the aroma is still present when you crumble the flower, then they are natural. Conversely, if it disappears, the terpenes are synthetic.
Then the color is a size reference. The more vivid the CBD flower, the better its quality. This indicates that it is fresh and has been properly dried. A brownish, cloudy-looking cannabidiol flower can mean poor drying. Much like a flower that pulls on whitish colors, it can be the result of too long exposure to light.
Typically, CBD flowers are more of a bright light green color with orange pistils and a shiny appearance. But they can also have purple highlights like Purple Haze or other colors.
And finally, it is essential to take into account the appearance of the CBD flower, which is a guarantee of quality. They are quite recognizable by their nugget or bulb-like appearance. Depending on the variety of hemp, the head of the CBD flower can be tight and dense (indica variety) or on the contrary, light and mellow (sativa variety).


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