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Consuming CBD products is becoming more and more popular. We owe it in particular to its many natural virtues. But with the explosion of consumption, it is not uncommon to find a little of everything on the web. So how do you recognize quality products? What is the composition of CBD products? How to store them effectively? We take stock in the rest of the article!

Conservation and CBD quality: what to remember

Knowing how to recognize quality CBD

When you want to buy CBD, it is essential to pay attention to its quality. Otherwise, you risk ending up with the wrong product, which can potentially harm your health. To avoid it, just follow a few very simple tips.
First of all, whether you are going to a physical store or an online shopping site, it is essential to verify the traceability of the CBD and the transparency of the brand. Try as much as possible to favor products from organic hemp cultivation. Thus, you will not have any trace of heavy metals or chemical fertilizers in your products. But also, you will be assured of the origin of the hemp and therefore of compliance with European legislation. As a reminder, the legal rate of THC present must be less than 0.2% in France.
Which brings us to the second point: the spectrum. CBD exists in three spectra, especially for oils: isolated, large, complete. To be serene and consume CBD legally, we advise you to turn to broad spectrum products.
In addition, CBD is extracted in different ways. Depending on the process, the quality is not the same. For a high quality CBD product, check that it is supercritical CO2 extract. And finally, pay attention to the price! Any CBD product should not be sold off below the market price.

Storing your CBD well in all its forms

The storage conditions of your CBD play an essential role in its good effectiveness. Remember that CBD (cannabidiol) comes from the cannabis plant, which makes it sensitive to light, cold and heat. Each CBD product therefore requires specific conservation.
CBD oils can be stored in a dark cupboard at room temperature. In general, cannabidiol oil bottles are opaque and anti-UV, but prolonged exposure to the sun should be avoided at all costs. In addition, it is not recommended to place the bottle in the cold, because the texture of the oil becomes too thick. Just like the strong heat which affects the quality of the oil. It is also recommended to consume the oil within 6 months after opening.
CBD flowers, as for them, must be kept in an airtight packaging such as glass jar, always protected from light. They are particularly sensitive to moisture, which can lead to mold if not stored optimally. In addition, be aware that they should never be placed in the refrigerator, which would degrade cannabinoids and terpenes. Finally, you can use your CBD flowers for a year if they are stored well.
On the other hand, to guarantee the good preservation of CBD e-liquids, they must be stored away from light, humidity and at room temperature. Choose opaque tanks for your electronic cigarette. Be aware that in contact with air, CBD tends to crystallize. If so, it is still edible, but its taste and quality can be transformed.

Understanding cannabidiol products

What are CBD products made of?

Following the democratization of CBD, there are now wide ranges of CBD products. Depending on your needs, you will adapt your use and opt for various forms of cannabidiol. There are raw products, such as CBD flowers, infusions and processed products, such as cosmetics, oils or even CBD e-liquids and CBD capsules. In the second case, ingredients can be added to create a product enriched with CBD.
To fully understand the composition of CBD products, it is necessary to take an interest in the compounds of the hemp plant. Remember that cannabidiol is the second most common cannabinoid in cannabis, behind THC. Beside that there are different cannabinoids (over 80). The best known are the CBG, the CBN, the CBC, the CBL. But there are also the terpenes which impart the various flavors and smells of the hemp plant.
If you consume broad spectrum products, they contain all cannabinoids and terpenes except THC. Unlike full spectrum products where THC is present, within a limit of 0.2% in the raw products.

All about CBD e-liquids

The arrival of CBD e-liquids on the vaping market has been a resounding success with fans of the electronic cigarette. Providing almost instant relaxing effects, they appeal to a wide range of consumers. They are also very popular with people wishing to wean themselves off recreational cannabis and cigarettes.
But you should know that these have specific features that must be taken into account. CBD liquids tend to have a higher viscosity than nicotine liquids. It is therefore important to have a suitable vape, with a power around 15-20 watts and a resistance between 0.6 ohm and 1 ohm. Note that CBD does not need to be heated to high heat to be vaporized effectively (maximum 180 ° C). The goal is not to create large clouds of vapor as is usual with nicotine liquids.
Also, be sure to store your CBD liquid well away from light and air.


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