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CBD shops, the non-psychotropic molecule of cannabis, continue to flourish in France. Especially since the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, when demand is growing strongly. How to explain this craze for cannabidiol and the proliferation of online and physical stores in the CBD market? We take stock in this article!

CBD: a booming market

Legislation in favor of CBD shops

Cannabidiol has long been the victim of an amalgamation with THC, responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. It has been the subject of many controversies in France, especially at the legal level where a vagueness has settled for years. Illegal or legal? Amazing or well-being supplement?
In France, the answers were not clear and for good reason, the authorities were rather cautious about it. So that some shops were forced to close. But that was without counting on the legislative twists and turns of the end of 2020 and 2021.
Indeed, a decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union marked a major turning point in the commercialization of CBD in France. It is recognized as having no psychotropic or harmful effect on health. France is then deemed illegal to want to ban the sale of CBD products from the European Union. In the same way, the Court of Cassation authorizes, by a decree of June 23, 2021, the marketing of CBD products including cannabis flowers, until then the victim of a controversy around the concentration of THC. Not all CBD products containing less than 0.2% THC are considered narcotic. A giant voucher that promotes the opening of CBD shops in France!

A well-being supplement that appeals to all consumers

The explosion of cannabidiol shops is also explained by the strong enthusiasm of the French public in favor of this hemp extract. More and more democratized, CBD now has a favorable well-being image, unlike the one he might have had a few years ago. A real trend for three years, CBD has become the new darling of well-being, both for brands and users. And for good reason, it is a natural molecule with multiple health benefits. Both relaxing, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic, it is consumed by a large panel of the population.
Indeed, it appeals as well well-being in their thirties, high-level athletes and the elderly suffering from a chronic pathology.
Its natural side, without danger and without addiction contributes to this dazzling success. It fits perfectly into a well-being routine to improve your daily life in a natural and healthy way. And for this, CBD is available in various products that meet everyone’s needs. It is thus found in oil, a very popular and practical form for its consumption, but also in flowers, in cosmetics or in confectionery.

A lucrative business with growth

The CBD market is a very promising business linked to a very strong expansion demand. It is estimated that 10% of the French population consumes CBD, in 2021. A figure still low compared to our European neighbors, but increasing over the last three years. In particular thanks to the fights of the hemp subsidiary to democratize the healthy and natural image of CBD. But also, thanks to a confidence which is gradually installed on the part of consumers.
In addition, it is enough to look across the Atlantic to realize that this business represents a windfall since it has reached $ 591 million in 2018 and could be multiplied by 40 by 2022.
In France, the CBD subsidiary is still shy, in particular because of the legal vagueness surrounding the sale of CBD products. And yet, the French market would be estimated at 1.5 billion euros if its development were not slowed down by the controversies it undergoes. This year, there are approximately 400 physical stores specializing in CBD products, on the whole of the French territory. A figure that continues to grow despite the various controversies. Just like the many e-businesses that are popping up on the web. The CBD market is attracting entrepreneurs looking to get into the business, and it’s not about to stop.

Sale of CBD: an explosion in consumption linked to the COVID-19 health crisis

Natural relaxing benefits sought during confinement

The health crisis and in particular the repeated confinements, have reinforced the rise of CBD. In an uncertain context, accompanied by fears and stress, consumers wanted to find natural solutions to combat their ailments. So they took the plunge to try the virtues of cannabidiol. This is why its anxiolytic and soothing benefits were particularly popular during these periods when anxiety, poor sleep and loneliness took over.
Legal, without risk of addiction and not causing a high effect, CBD has conquered a new clientele. The simplicity of having it delivered quickly to your home also played a role. Demand has therefore continued to increase and even accelerated. This was very favorable for the e-shops, which saw their sales soar.
In addition, the lockdowns have led to a slowdown in the sale of recreational cannabis. As a result, many regulars have fallen back on CBD, which is much easier to obtain.

A trending topic in the media

The health crisis has also allowed the media to improve the image of CBD in the eyes of all. Long cautious on the subject, the media have decided to broadcast several reports to extol the benefits of this hemp extract. But also, brands took the opportunity to ride the trend, by creating advertising campaigns. Post-containment communication that allowed CBD to continue its growth with consumers.


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