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CBD flowers offer unique gourmet and tasty experiences that are their popularity with neophytes and beginners alike. In addition to their natural relaxing or stimulating properties, they allow you to benefit from a wide range of tastes and captivating fragrances. Fruity, woody, spicy or earthy, the nuances of flavors are multiple. But do you know why CBD hemp flowers have these aromatic differences and would you know how to recognize them? Find out in the rest of this article!

CBD flowers: what are aromas made of?

Terpenes, responsible for the aromatic profile of CBD flowers

Like all plants, CBD hemp flowers have molecules responsible for their scent properties, their flavors and their colors. You should know that these are hydrocarbons called terpenes which bring the different aromas to the cannabidiol flowers. They are secreted by the same glands that produce the substance of CBD and THC. The role of terpenes is to protect the cannabis plant from insects and other pests, by releasing a very characteristic odor. Combined with flavonoids, plant pigments responsible for the color variations of flowers, they enhance the taste of CBD flowers. Each variety of hemp plants, whether indica or sativa dominant, thus gives off specific scents, which contribute to their success with consumers.

The main terpenes

Cannabis has the particularity of being a plant that has the most terpenes. The tastes and flavors are therefore endless and very varied, to the delight of users. In addition to providing a distinct flavor profile, terpenes are beneficial for the body. Indeed, some have sedative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic or anxiolytic properties.
You should also know that they participate in the entourage effect of CBD. Among the most common found in CBD hemp flowers is the limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene, pinene, linalool. These main terpene hydrocarbons will create pronounced flavors rather sweet, fruity, earthy, musky, spicy or even floral. The mixture of these terpenes creates unique tasting experiences!

The different tastes and flavors of CBD flowers

Spicy and woody smells

Are you a fan of spicy flavors? There are CBD hemp flowers that are reminiscent of the essences of pepper, like theHawaiian skunk. These are rich in caryophyllene. As for the rather earthy odors, which echo fir or hops, we owe them to the presence of pinene or myrcene. Savor them woody notes of Jack Herer, the essential CBD flower that delights discerning connoisseurs with its blend of spices and light lemony notes. Complete your experience with the iconic OG Kush, its woody scent and a touch of bitterness. You can also taste the intense earthy aromas blending spices and pine of Skywalker Greenhouse. If you are looking for a spicy bouquet rich in coffee notes, opt for Bubba Kush instead.

Fruity flavors

Have you ever savored CBD flowers that made you feel like you were biting into a fruit? Yes, it is possible! We distinguish citrus flavors with lemony undertones like in Super Lemon Haze, or orange, like Orange Bud.
But it doesn’t stop there! Some cannabidiol flowers give off a unique scent of exotic fruits. This is the case for the very sweet Mango Kush which gives you the effect of tasting a mango or Pineapple Express with its powerful pineapple flavor !
There are also notes of red fruits as in Strawberry or Red Berry. These fruity-flavored CBD flowers will make you travel for sure!

Floral notes

CBD hemp flowers can also evoke floral or grassy aromas, especially when rich in linalool. These varieties of CBD flowers seduce with their delicate flavors of vanilla, lavender, lemongrass and rosemary. Strawberry Diesel is an excellent choice, for its high concentration of linalool. It will awaken the taste buds of amateurs, with its unique freshness of lavender.

Fuel tastes

Some CBD flowers have the particularity of bringing out a typical smell of fuel. This is the case for all varieties whose name ends with Diesel. They are well known to cannabidiol lovers and blend perfectly with fruity, lemony or citrus base notes. They are distinguished by their pronounced taste with acrid and skunky undertones.


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