The antioxidant benefits of CBD


While life expectancy continues to be extended, new methods to slow aging are constantly being sought. If it is now proven that the aging of the skin is played out at the cellular level, CBD and its antioxidant power could prove to be very effective in this fight against the signs of aging!

Oxidative stress, what is it?

Concretely, oxidative stress is the name given to the physiological mechanism responsible for the aging of our cells, as well as the degeneration of our organism.

When our tissues use oxygen (for example to burn the food consumed before transforming it into energy), “waste” is then produced. These unstable particles are referred to as free radicals, and each of them has its own unmarried, i.e. unpaired, electron. As these negatively charged electrons do not like to remain isolated, they then look for another electron, with which they can form a pair and which will allow them to maintain their stability.

To achieve this, they move around in our body: they therefore collide with healthy cells, with the aim of stealing an electron … This loss of electrons will then harm the attacked cell, and cause it to age.

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The antioxidant power of CBD

Simply put, the antioxidant is a molecule that can capture and stabilize free radicals. Indeed, it itself brings an electron that can assemble with the lone electron, and once the pair reformed, the latter stabilizes and no longer seeks to steal electrons from healthy cells. Thanks to numerous scientific studies carried out on this subject, it is now proven that CBD (or cannabidiol) has great antioxidant power.

A study published in 2019 by Polish researchers, for example, explains the effectiveness of CBD on oxidative stress through several physiological mechanisms. In particular, it interrupts the chain reactions of free radicals, thus limiting the formation of DROs (Reactive Oxygen Derivatives, of which free radicals are part).

It also states that CBD drives antioxidant defense through its supply of nutrients supporting antioxidant activity and increasing levels of non-enzymatic antioxidants.

It should also be noted that CBD is not the only antioxidant derived from cannabis: indeed, terpenes and flavonoids, which are active ingredients also synthesized by this plant, allow many benefits to fight against cellular aging!

Oxidative stress is therefore a completely natural phenomenon, unavoidable, and causing the aging of cells … Nevertheless, antioxidants can effectively slow down this degeneration! It is therefore very wise to strengthen them using CBD, because this very effective antioxidant inhibits the formation of free radicals, thus preventing them from diffusing in excess in the body, and that they do not cause too much oxidative stress. .


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