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Thanks to the democratization of cannabidiol in recent years, CBD flowers are a big hit. Many users are now turning to this well-being supplement, with multiple natural virtues, non-psychotropic and without addiction.
But consumers don’t always know what they’re buying, especially in online stores. And yet, to benefit from all the benefits that cannabidiol flowers offer, it is necessary to monitor their quality. Find out how to recognize it.

3 criteria for recognizing the quality of CBD flowers

The aroma of CBD flowers

The scent of CBD flowers is one of the main characteristics to recognize the quality of these. You can therefore rely very simply on the smell they give off. It should be noted that all varieties of flowers, whether they come from an indica or sativa cannabis strain or even whether they are hybrids, have an intense, iconic scent.
So if the smell catches you as soon as you open the packaging, you are on the right track! This indicates a good terpene content. Note that depending on the variety chosen and its type of crop, the aromas are different, which marks the great diversity of CBD flowers. They can recall fruity, woody, spicy or floral touches. Generally speaking, the quality of a CBD flower scent is a good indicator of taste.

The color of hemp flowers

This is the second element to take into account to determine the quality of a CBD flower. Indeed, it must have a fairly bright green color, although it can vary between light and dark. It is an indicator of freshness and correctly achieved drying.
A white color is a sign of too much light exposure. A flower with a matte, non-shiny appearance, can mean poor drying. As well as visible stains or a dark color that can be caused by mold.
However, some varieties of CBD flowers can have singular reflections of a purple, blue, pink or even orange color.

The appearance of cannabidiol flower heads

Another way to distinguish the quality of your CBD flowers is the general appearance of the buds. They should be perfectly manicured and look like little nuggets. Beyond their green color, they have orange pistils and a layer of trichromes, where cannabinoids and terpenes are stored. It is quite easy to recognize trichromes, as they add a touch of brilliance to the appearance of the bulb, like crystals. If your CBD flower heads lack it, this is often a sign of a premature harvest and therefore of poor quality.

Bad practices that lead to questionable quality of CBD flowers

Price, an indicator of quality

Due to high competition in the CBD market, it is not uncommon to come across dishonest dealers. And often the price turns out to be a size clue. A price that is too low is often a sign of low quality. This reveals that CBD flowers are definitely not produced organically. And therefore, are cultivated from chemical fertilizers, dangerous for your health.
Conversely, a price that is too high can also put you on the hook. Remember that cannabidiol flowers are bought by weight. And it is not uncommon for some dealers to increase the basis weight with the addition of leaves and stems. So remember that your purchase of CBD flowers must be within the average market price of CBD.

Addition of synthetic agents

Another fraudulent practice to mislead consumers about the quality of the product is to add terpenes after harvest. As a result, the aromatic smell is accentuated. On the other hand, there is a very simple method of ensuring that your CBD hemp flowers contain 100% organic terpenes. Just pay attention to its scent when you break it down. If the smell is the same as when you opened the packaging, terpenes are natural. If it evaporates or is less intense, terpenes have been added. Likewise, chemical processes can interfere with the level of CBD or THC. The flower is thus found polluted and of a deplorable quality.


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