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Tasty and gourmet, CBD infusions are seductive. How to take advantage of all their benefits? When to drink cannabidiol herbal tea? Here are all our tips for consuming CBD infusions in the best way.

When is the best time of day to take a CBD tea?

The benefits of CBD infusions

CBD infusions are a pretty original way to consume cannabidiol, this natural extract from the hemp plant. 100% legal and without adverse effects, it has many virtues and helps support daily well-being. Consuming cannabidiol herbal teas allows you to enjoy all the benefits of cannabinoids while enjoying the thirst-quenching and comforting side of an infusion.
Indeed, these improve digestion, reduce inflammation and contribute to a relaxing state. They are suitable for both regular and occasional use and integrate perfectly into your well-being routine.
Depending on the desired effects, you can adapt its use rather in the morning or in the evening, without contraindication.

Start the day off right with a CBD herbal tea

To start the day in a good mood and without stress, CBD herbal teas will be your best allies!
Full of flavor, they accompany your breakfast for a moment of intense pleasure. Thanks to its multiple benefits, consuming a CBD infusion in the morning improves concentration and reduces anxiety. They are ideal for feeling relaxed before an important date or a very long day.
Also, they pair perfectly with a morning meditation or yoga session, to start the day with confidence. Need a moment of escape or comfort in the middle of the day? You can sip your infusion enriched with organic CBD flowers after your lunch or during a snack break! Relaxation effect guaranteed!

Drink a CBD infusion to relax after a hard day

After a trying day, it’s normal to feel tired and stressed. At such times, it is important to take a moment to relax and take care of yourself. For this, CBD infusions are a great way to slow down and take a wellness break.
Combining gustatory pleasure and comfort, they allow you to release daily tensions and slow down the flow of thoughts. Your mind thus lightens to reconnect with the present moment. Thanks to its relaxing properties, drinking a CBD herbal tea promotes sleep. No more insomnia or compulsive awakenings in the middle of the night, you will find a balanced sleep cycle.
But also, drinking a relaxing herbal tea in the evening after a sport session helps promote muscle recovery and therefore reduce future muscle aches.

Original CBD infusion recipes

Make yourself an infusion based on CBD flowers

To make your CBD tea, you don’t need much. Simply water, CBD flowers and a fatty substance (honey, milk, vegetable oil…). For more flavor, you can also choose to mix your CBD flowers to other medicinal plants or flavors. After bringing the water to a boil and dissolving the fat, immerse two good spoons of CBD flowers or your homemade preparation in an infuser. Let infuse for 10 minutes before fully enjoying your herbal tea!
Little tip: Much more affordable than some flowers, the Trim CBD is the ideal product for successful infusions. Her mix of small buds makes her perfect for an infusion mix.

The delicious Authentique-CBD infusions

At Authentique-CBD, we have specially prepared for you gourmet infusions. Natural and organic, our CBD herbal teas contain 20% trim and come in 4 flavors. Find our red fruit infusions for a moment filled with zenitude; Detox to purify your body using a mixture of green tea, ginger and green mate; Mint for a moment of escape with oriental flavors and Nuit Calme enriched with extracts of valerian, verbena and lemon balm to find a deep sleep.
In addition, with the arrival of sunny days, CBD herbal teas can be eaten frozen! Just add ice cubes after brewing. A recipe full of freshness, unique and original, to enjoy your favorite cannabinoid in peace!


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