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It must be admitted, cannabidiol is at the heart of a thousand and one rumors. Some apprehend it with suspicion while others consider it an exceptional natural remedy. So what are the real effects of CBD on the human body? Can we really consume it safely? Do not panic, in this article, we unravel together the true from the false … consult the rest of our site to learn all about CBD and discover our range of high quality CBD products.

CBD: what is it exactly?

CBD, a molecule of the cannabinoid family

Did you know ? Cannabinoids are substances naturally secreted by the cannabis plant. They have an unprecedented power: that of interacting positively with the endocannabinoid system, in particular through receptors called CB1 and CB2.

Although still very mysterious, this immense cellular network exists in all mammals. It regulates most bodily functions such as hunger, sleep, mood, or the perception of pain. Its proper functioning is essential for homeostasis. However, when it comes to cannabinoids, most people are cautious because they automatically think of THC; a molecule both prized and criticized, the consumption of which is prohibited in France because of its psychotropic action …

However, contrary to popular belief, the cannabinoid family is far from being limited to tetrahydrocannabinol. It actually has nearly 130 different molecules! Among them, we find the CBD, main subject of our article, but also, less known, the CBG, the CBC, or the CBN; all benefit from numerous therapeutic virtues, and have the advantage of not having any addictive or psychoactive effects. So much so that the well-being market today can only recognize their immense potential …

A good reason to discover the entourage effect …

These cannabinoids are the source of what is calledentourage effect.

Above all, definition: the entourage effect is a phenomenon discovered in 1998 by Raphaël Mechoulam, an Israeli researcher specializing in the cannabis plant. It is characterized by the result of interactions between the different cannabinoids present in hemp. Simply put, it has been found that the effects of a cannabinoid are naturally enhanced when consumed along with other cannabinoids and plant substances.

Thus, to fully benefit from the virtues of CBD, it should preferably be associated with CBC, CBG or even CBN, but also with terpenes or flavonoids. Precisely for this reason, it is recommended to consume a CBD product called “broad spectrum” (broad spectrum) or “full spectrum” (full spectrum). As a reminder, in France, the law indicates that CBD must not contain more than 0.02% THC. It is therefore preferable to turn to a CBD oil, a CBD herbal tea, or a CBD e-liquid with a broad spectrum. This mention guarantees you compliance with the legislative rules in force, while allowing you to benefit from the other active principles of hemp, and therefore from the famous entourage effect.

Is it (really) safe to consume CBD?

The question needs to be asked. And rest assured, the answer is yes! CBD, a legal extract from hemp, is completely safe to consume. Having no impact on consciousness, cannabidiol is a totally natural way to soothe many physical and psychological symptoms: osteoarthritis, migraines, body aches, tendonitis, nausea, sleep disorders, eating disorders, depression, stress, anxiety, fibromyalgia, acne, premenstrual syndrome, hypertension, neuropathic pain… the list is not exhaustive.

For many consumers, it is even a healthy alternative to a number of pharmaceuticals. Although the risk of CBD overdose is very low, and the side effects relatively mild, dosages are to be respected. This is also the case for any remedy in herbal medicine. It is better to start your CBD cure gently, starting on a basis of 0.5 mg per kilo per day. For example, if you weigh 70 kilograms, the optimal starting daily dose will be 35 mg. Then, it is possible to gradually increase its CBD dosage, until obtaining the desired effects, and without exceeding 1 mg per kilo, or 70 mg for 70 kilos.


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