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CBD flowers are natural and pure extracts of the cannabis plant. They are acclaimed for their beneficial natural virtues. But choosing the right flowers is not necessarily easy, especially when you are a beginner. What are the criteria to take into account? Which flowers to turn to? This is what we see in detail in this article!

Best Practices for Choosing CBD Flowers

Monitor the origin of hemp flowers

If you want consume CBD flowers, the first thing you need to consider is the origin of the hemp. To make your selection, it is essential to opt for a cultivation of certified organic cannabis. That is to say a production free of any chemical product and therefore respectful of the environment as well as your health.
At Authentique-CBD, we use organic hemp trees from a Swiss farm to bring you the best cannabidiol flowers. In addition, pay attention to the country of origin of the flowers, some may contain a higher THC level than that allowed in France. For memo, CBD flowers should not exceed a THC level of 0.2%, and this, whatever their variety.

Check the quality of cannabidiol flowers

Choosing your CBD flowers means paying attention to their quality. For this, you need to take an interest in its physical appearance, smell and taste. Obviously, it is not easy to perform this quality control remotely. So you have to try the flower to recognize the quality. Keep in mind that a premium CBD flower has an intense scent and flavor, characteristic of its strain. It also has a fairly bright green color. If you find that the flower is whitish or brownish, it may be a sign of poor drying. Because a quality flower is also a flower that has been well harvested and dried. The production conditions are therefore essential to ensure the premium quality of CBD, hence the importance of knowing the origin of the hemp. In addition, feel free to rely on comments from previous consumers to get an idea. But also, at the price which must be fair, neither too low nor too high depending on the type of flowers and the market.

Choose your CBD flowers according to your tastes

The different crops and varieties of cannabidiol flowers

The diversity of CBD flowers is explained by the various cultivation methods and the existence of the two strains of cannabis. First of all, you should know that each variety of hemp has typical characteristics that will determine their aromas. There is indica-dominant cannabis, which has rather relaxing effects, and sativa cannabis, which has more stimulating properties.
In addition, there are also many hybrid combinations of these two strains, which make it possible to benefit from these two virtues. Your choice can therefore be oriented according to the effects you are looking for. But also, depending on the cultivation method chosen.

  • CBD flowers from indoor (indoor) production are often considered high end. Indeed, they are protected from external aggressions and therefore their growth is favored. In addition, they give off powerful and intoxicating scents.
  • The cultivation of outdoor CBD flowers is the most natural, but also the one that develops imperfect hemp flowers due to external nuisances. On the other hand, their flavor is authentic and naturally woody.
  • And finally, the CBD greenhouse flowers can be a good compromise, because they are protected from the elements while benefiting from natural light. This mode of production provides CBD with unique, highly developed, often fruity and tangy aromas.

The multiple aromas and tastes of CBD flowers

CBD flowers have typical flavors depending on their strain and the terpenes they contain. So you can choose your CBD flowers according to your taste preferences. There is a very wide choice of flavors and smells to offer you a unique tasting experience. You will find flowers with intense fruity flavors reminiscent of lemon notes like Super Lemon Haze, citrus fruits including Orange Bud or red fruits. But also, woody and bitter aromas, like Jack Herer, or floral and earthy touches that will surprise you while savoring GMO Cookies.


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