Half of French people in favor of the decriminalization of cannabis


It’s official, nearly half of French people would now be in favor of decriminalizing cannabis, as revealed in the latest FIFG survey of May 2021 on the subject. This measure, which could be taken by the State, would allow better control and better management of cannabis on French soil.

A change in the opinion of the French on the decriminalization of cannabis

The French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) recently highlighted the growing evolution of public opinion about the use of cannabis. The study was conducted for “CBD-grams.com” and carried out over a week with a sample of 2,025 people “representative of the French population aged 18 and over and residing in metropolitan France”. This is a great first, 51% of French people today lean for a decriminalization of cannabis. The symbolic bar of 50% is exceeded, marking a stronger support for the majority of French people to this measure, all political stripes and genres combined.

This result shows above all the desire to be able to improve the regulation of cannabis as a whole, an awareness that has been strongly affirmed in recent years. The 1977 FIFG study indeed showed that 27% of French people supported this idea, ie half as much as today. This figure has since clearly increased with a membership rate reaching 43% in 2017. The system of repression of the police fighting against drug trafficking is considered increasingly ineffective by the French. These abuses and the context of insecurity could be avoided by adopting a decriminalization of cannabis, that is to say a withdrawal of criminal sanctions related to the production and consumption of this substance.

It should be noted that France is among the largest consumers of cannabis in Europe. The French state, however, remains the most resistant to taking measures.

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The long journey of the French state towards possible decriminalization

Faced with security, health and political issues, the French state is trying to take action to improve the situation.

No authorization for the use of cannabis exists to date in France. Only scientific experiments for medical purposes are possible today. The Minister of Health Olivier Véran had initiated a “test phase” at the end of March 2020, allowing experimentation in a hundred reference centers, including hospitals.

The subject comes up regularly on the table of political decision-makers. A “relaxation” had even been mentioned by Emmanuel Macron as a candidate for the 2017 presidential elections, a project finally abandoned after his inauguration.

The fact-finding mission, made up of around thirty parliamentarians, is today generally in favor of a controlled legislative framework for the various uses of cannabis (therapeutic, well-being and recreational). A progress report must be produced and will be submitted at the end of summer 2021.

Gautier Jardon, researcher at the political pole of the IFOP, gives his point of view on the survey:

” […] In the perspective of a presidential campaign where the stakes linked to security risk playing a preponderant role, it is therefore likely that the debate on easing will return to the mat as the “risk of opinion” on the subject seems less. high than ten years ago ”.

The decision to decriminalize cannabis could well be a first step towards a positive change in the safety and health of French people.


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