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The health crisis, a real springboard for the world of cannabidiol

CBD to fight against the psychological consequences of Covid-19

The unprecedented health context has deeply impacted bodies and hearts. Through an endless succession of confinements and restrictions, the mental health of the French has been put to the test. More than ever, there is an explosion of many ailments …

Depressive state, anxiety, anxiety attacks, eating disorders, or even sleep disorders, the consequences of the crisis are not only economic, but also psychological! Under these circumstances, consuming CBD has proven to be an excellent remedy.

Indeed, CBD is known for its anti-stress properties as well as for its virtues vis-à-vis sleep. In addition, thanks to its positive impact on the endocannabinoid system, it helps to regulate the level of serotonin, hormone of happiness, and to fight against depression and gloominess.

Teleworking in favor of daily and uninhibited CBD consumption

Moreover, the Covid-19 crisis has totally changed lifestyles, and especially professional practices. Once exceptional, telework has suddenly become the norm. This new way of doing business has undoubtedly democratized the use of CBD.

Indeed, teleworking implies less time constraints, but above all more freedom in the comfort of privacy. In this very special period, many employees admit to having discovered the countless benefits of CBD: less stress, more concentration, peaceful sleep …

Cannabidiol has proven to be the ideal natural product to better cope with the health crisis and its upheavals! The possibility of buying it on the Internet, and of benefiting from a fast and discreet delivery is certainly what convinced the greatest number to take the plunge.

All about the current international CBD market

Who are the main CBD producing countries today?

It’s no secret that the CBD market is experiencing tremendous success in France. For good reason, this hemp extract seems economically very promising. In 2019, nearly 275,000 hectares are devoted to the cultivation of cannabidol around the world …

Among the largest CBD producing countries, there are France, Switzerland, Canada, China, or the United States. It should also be noted that France, with its 18,000 hectares of harvest, is now at the top of the list for the production of cannabidiol on European territory.

However, all hemp productions are not equal, because they do not necessarily have the same qualitative criteria (use of chemicals, etc.). More than ever, for a question of health as well as of efficiency, it is essential to opt for a quality CBD purchase.

The explosion of CBD shops in France in 2021

Whether it is physical stores in the city center or online sales sites, the opening of new points of sale in 2021 has been dazzling. New players are emerging daily and more and more consumers are pushing the doors of these stores dedicated to CBD products.

Authentique-CBD, discover the French reference for organic CBD!

If you are looking to invest in premium CBD, Authentique-CBD should be your thing. Specialized in high-end CBD, this young French brand guarantees the use of CBD cultivated in Europe according to the strict codes of organic farming. CBD flowers, CBD oils, CBD herbal teas … at the heart of this innovative online CBD store, hides a wide choice of cannabidiol products. Guaranteed without the slightest trace of harmful substances, they will offer you an infinite number of physical and psychological benefits! For the sake of scrupulous compliance with the legislative rules in force, Authentique-CBD regularly performs laboratory tests. So you can consume your favorite CBD product with confidence, while enjoying 100% free delivery.


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