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It’s no secret that CBD has been very successful lately. With natural properties recognized in humans, this substance from the hemp plant is also beneficial for animal welfare. Find out how to choose a CBD oil for your dog or cat! To learn more about CBD oil in general, you can also read the article “all about CBD oil”

Give CBD to your cat or dog

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

Just like humans, dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system. As a result, they are receptive to the natural virtues of CBD which has multiple benefits for them. Indeed, it is a natural ally to which more and more veterinarians and animal behaviorists are turning.
CBD Oil Helps Reduce Your Pet’s Stress, whether caused by a phobia, a stressful situation or a change in routine. Your four-legged friend will then be relaxed in a natural and gentle way. Cannabidiol oil also relieves aches and pains such as inflammations, the joint pain (osteoarthritis) or even ailments related to old age. If your dog or cat suffers from trouble sleeping or even nausea and vomiting, CBD oil may be a favorable solution. It will allow them to reduce their anxiety and regulate their appetite.
But also, CBD oil is a very good alternative if your pet hasepilepsy. It helps reduce seizures, without having to treat your animal with heavy treatments.

Choosing the right CBD oil for dogs and cats

First of all, you should know that CBD is not harmful to our animal friends. This well-being supplement derived from hemp is not psychoactive, does not cause addiction and is not a drug. They can therefore consume it in complete safety. However, be sure to take special CBD oil for cats or dogs. THC-free. It is this molecule, responsible for the high effects of recreational cannabis, that is toxic to animals. So make sure that CBD oil for animals be well chosen broad spectrum (broad spectrum), with zero THC content. In addition, prefer to opt for a organic oil ! Your dogs and cats deserve the best CBD products too!

What dosage to assign to your animal?

Faced with the small build of dogs and cats, it is recommended to administer cannabidiol oil to them with a CBD concentration of 5%. The easiest way to give it to them is to drop a few drops in their bowl. Thus, they will ingest the CBD without any problem during their meal.
We recommend that you start with small amounts of CBD oil, observe how your pet reacts, then gradually increase if needed. The dosage will also depend on the illnesses your dog or cat suffers from and their eating habits. Either way, if you notice vomiting, tremors, or any other unusual behavior, alert your veterinarian.

What is the price of CBD oil for animals?

CBD oil for animals: premium quality at a fair price

Your dog or cat deserves high quality CBD oil. Beware of overpriced CBD oils for animals. This means that the quality will not be there. In general, count around thirty euros per 10ml vial of CBD oil.
At Authentique-CBD, we offer CBD oils for animals from organic farming, certified without pesticides, heavy metals or chemical fertilizers. They contain 5% CBD and suitable for all dogs and cats. Because their well-being is important to us, our animal CBD oils are regularly tested in the laboratory to ensure that they do not present no trace of THC. It is therefore a product that you can use with confidence to improve the well-being of your companion. And this at a fair price!


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