Chinese company launches diapers and feminine hygiene products made from hemp paper


Hemp is an amazing plant. Did you know that it is not only dedicated to the manufacture of health and cosmetic products? For thousands of years its fibers have been used to make paper but also ropes and fabrics. Its absorbent properties make it an ideal material, especially for baby diapers. A Chinese company has also created diapers and feminine hygiene products from hemp.

Hemp paper diapers and hygiene products coming soon

After the concept of the solar-powered car made of hemp, it is a new small revolution in the world of the hemp industry that seems more accessible to us: a Chinese company is launching diapers and hygiene products made from hemp paper.

Indeed, while the Chinese company Shenzhen Datong (Datong) is preparing a complete industrial supply chain for the production of hemp paper, it wasted no time and developed a range of diapers and hygiene products. feminine. Datong launched its new products at the 21e CBME exhibition (Children Baby Maternity Expo), a huge show on motherhood, infant and child. This 21e show was held in Shanghai, China from July 14-16, 2021.

These new products were developed at the Datong Research Institute where applications for hemp textiles, CBD and other hemp-based products are being explored.

Shenzhen Datong has set up production operations and extensive sales assets to market its products and services. This company has chosen a vertical integration mode for its business and therefore retains control over all operations, from the cultivation of hemp to the production of the finished product, including the extraction of the raw material or again the management of the R&D section (research and development).

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Textile hemp already used in ecological washable diapers

The more eco-friendly among you may already be familiar with diapers and hygiene products in the form of inserts made from hemp and will cry scandal when reading this article.

Indeed, Datong did not invent anything. The Chinese company does nothing but use the already known properties of hemp fibers and seeks technological innovation that can be exploited industrially.

Hemp fiber is a natural fiber but also ecological since hemp is an undemanding plant. Not very greedy in water, it is very easy to cultivate, without fertilizers and pesticides. Its fibers have exceptional qualities. 6 times more absorbent than cotton, they are also bactericidal and are very resistant to washing.

You will already find on the market, washable diapers for babies and feminine hygiene products made from hemp fabric and organic cotton.

Exploit the whole plant

Datong intends to exploit the entire hemp plant. The company also manufactures cosmetic skin care products that are already functional, pet products, health food, food and drink that are effective, and is working on the genetics of hemp for medicine and development. ‘food. A range of CBD-based cosmetics was even launched in October 2020.

Datong does not stop there. Its textile division manufactures towels, t-shirts, underwear, socks and golf clothing.

Datong, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is also developing blockchain technology and providing financial and big data services.


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