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Everyone is aware today of the multiple benefits of CBD on the human body … But in recent years, researchers have also been interested in the positive effects of cannabidiol on animals! Horses, in particular, could greatly benefit from this non-psychotropic cannabis molecule… Focus on the virtues of CBD in the equestrian world! For more information on CBD and animals, see our special file: CBD and pets

CBD horses: what are the benefits?

CBD, a legal and safe molecule

As a reminder, cannabidiol (CBD) is an extract from the cannabis plant, generally called Cannabis sativa. This molecule, from the cannabinoid family, is to be distinguished from THC, the use of which is mainly recreational.

The reason ? Its legal and safe aspect of course! Indeed, CBD is devoid of any addictive or psychoactive properties, so it will never get you “high”, and will never make you “addicted”. Even its side effects are admitted as rare and minor, unlike many pharmaceuticals! Results : CBD is a 100% natural remedy that turns all heads. From well-being to beauty through cooking, in many areas, cannabidiol is becoming more democratic …

The benefits of CBD for horses

The horse, a being sensitive to multiple ailments

Both humans and animals can suffer from very similar inconveniences. Like all sentient beings, the horse sometimes has to face various and varied ailments. Some are linked to aging, others are quite simply a matter of genetic predisposition… Even more in the equestrian world, horses are subjected to regular physical activity, which occasionally involves some injuries. They also have to meet certain performance requirements, which requires optimal health!

Cannabidiol to improve equine well-being

Notice to lovers of these majestic creatures: CBD is the ideal solution to improve the well-being of your companion! Although it is not considered a drug, cannabidiol provides effective and natural relief from many conditions. It also participates in homeostasis, in other words in the general balance of body and mind!

Thanks to its impact on the endocannabinoid system, cannabidiol benefits from real analgesic, anti-inflammatory, but also antispasmodic and neuroprotective properties. The use of CBD in horses is recommended in a large number of situations. Here are a few examples: Stress, anxiety, depression. Point or chronic pain. Lack of appetite and digestive disorders. Inflammatory pathologies (arthritis, desmitis …). Neurological pathologies (epilepsy…) Allergies (conjunctivitis, asthma…). Strengthen the immune system. Note: the use of cannabidiol does not dispense with a consultation with the veterinarian. It does not replace either a healthy and balanced lifestyle, in line with the needs of the animal.

Horse and CBD: testimonials

Karine, 37, riding instructor: “In the center, we had a mare with a particularly anxious temperament. Van trips were a real ordeal for her. However, we did not necessarily want to use chemical sedatives. It was a pity to administer strong drugs for a simple move. One day, the vet told us about CBD, and it was a real eye-opener. Since then, it has become a ritual before transport! ”

Marius, 42, equine osteopath: “Thanks to my job, I have great animal encounters. One of the most striking was that of Topaz, a beautiful stallion to whom I quickly became attached. His mistress called on me because Topaz regularly suffered from laminitis, an inflammation of the soft tissues of the foot. Myself, a user of CBD, I had the idea to recommend it, in addition to my interventions. The animal’s pain has decreased by at least 75%. ”

Justine, 29, caregiver: “Passionate about horses from an early age, it was obvious to me to save Adonis from the slaughterhouse. This retired mare now has happy days in our family meadow, in the middle of the countryside. The only problem is that as she got older, she developed rheumatism, to the point of limping more and more. Quickly, I decided to relieve it with CBD oil, and I have to say that the results are there. Adonis is walking almost normally, his pain seems to have reduced a lot. ”

How to use CBD in horses?

Administering CBD Oil

CBD comes in many forms, and CBD oil is one of the best known. This is a quick and easy way to use cannabidiol in animals. CBD oil can be deposited under the horse’s tongue, using a dropper, or a pipette. The oral mucous membranes have the advantage of rapidly absorbing cannabidiol, and the positive effects on the body are felt within 20 to 30 minutes.

If it seems complicated to you to administer hemp oil directly into your pet’s mouth, another solution exists: you can put a few drops of CBD oil on his favorite treats, just before offering them! Note that the uptake of CBD by the body will be a little slower, but just as effective. Regarding the dosage, it will be adapted according to the metabolism of each animal, and the problem treated. We always start gently, with the minimum dose, and gradually increase, until the desired effects are obtained. For example, with a 5% CBD oil, a horse weighing between 300 and 500 kilos can be offered a CBD dosage of 75 to 120 mg. Of course, this dosage will be revised downwards for a foal or a pony, whose weight is lower. Good to know: CBD oil should always be stored in a dry place, and protected from light.

Important: always choose quality CBD

While CBD offers many benefits to our equine friends, THC can be very dangerous for animals. To be up to standard, a CBD product must not contain more than 0.02% THC. Unfortunately, the market for CBD is large, and some low-end items do not always comply with current legislation. It is therefore essential to buy your cannabidiol from a trusted store, and to favor organic CBD, free of harmful ingredients. Did you know ? At Authentique-CBD, we market a wide range of premium CBD oils. Certified organic, all our CBD oils are grown in Switzerland, without herbicides or pesticides. In addition, we carry out regular and rigorous laboratory checks, in order to guarantee our customers CBD oils without THC, fully compliant with French law.


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