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CBD is gradually invading all markets. After having become the trendy element in cosmetics, it is also found in the kitchen.
This hemp extract is becoming the new darling of restaurateurs. Gourmet menu, fast food, juice, pastry… It is found everywhere on our plates and in our drinks. Find out why CBD has managed to climb to the top of the podium in French catering.

CBD: the trendy restaurant superfood

Fashion trend or real interest of CBD in gastronomy?

Derived from the hemp plant, CBD, from its scientific name cannabidiol, is considered to be a nutritional superfood. Although amalgamation is still done with recreational cannabis, CBD is not addictive and does not cause psychotropic effects.
With a very low THC content (less than 0.2%), don’t worry, ingesting CBD won’t get you high! On the contrary, it is a molecule that is full of multiple virtues favorable to the proper functioning of the body and to the well-being of everyone. It is for this reason that renowned chefs, mixologists and pastry chefs are fighting for it. Because yes, CBD is rich in plant proteins, in amino acids and in fatty acids with omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. It is therefore ideal for all types of food: omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, or even flexitarian.
On the other hand, its success in catering is also based on its taste and pronounced aromas that blend easily with other ingredients. Indeed, CBD has bitter notes that are both earthy, peppery or citrus, depending on the type of flower chosen. This leaves an endless playing field for restaurateurs to create recipes with original flavors.

What about the benefits of CBD in the kitchen?

Whether in cooking, cosmetology or in the wellness environment, CBD is recognized for its various positive effects on the body. This legal cannabis extract helps, for example, to relax, to calm joint and muscle pain, nervous and skin inflammation, to reduce anxiety, to regulate appetite or to fight against sleep disorders. It therefore fits easily into a daily routine to achieve general well-being. And this, particularly in the kitchen, since the assimilation of CBD by the body is faster when it is taken during meals. Adding CBD to the diet therefore makes it possible to take full advantage of all its natural virtues..

When CBD comes to French restaurants

How do restaurateurs use CBD?

As it is a molecule, CBD has the particularity of being available in several products. In restoration, it is found in its raw form, the CBD flower or in oil. Easy to use, it fits perfectly into seasonings, dishes, sweet treats or even drinks.
To benefit from the rich flavors of CBD, restaurateurs tend to use it in its purest form: the CBD flower. It works like an aromatic herb and punctuates the recipes with a gourmet and unique touch. To vary tastes, there are many CBD hemp flowers available on the market. Each has typical notes which can be more or less spicy, fruity, sweet or woody. Thus, the conductors can play on the different chords according to what they are looking for.
In addition, CBD oil is also experiencing its heyday, especially in dressings, sauces or in drinks. It is used like other vegetable oils and brings a touch of bitterness and earthy flavors.

Where to enjoy CBD-enriched cuisine?

Burgers, pizza, healthy juices or desserts… CBD is everywhere! Today, there are many recipes enriched with cannabidiol in French catering. This is particularly the case in fast food restaurant chains such as Powaka which offers “Chill” formulas with a CBD infused drink and a poké bowl with CBD sauce. Just like some fast food restaurants which are surfing the trend by creating burgers or pizzas seasoned with cannabidiol. In a slightly sweeter culinary register, the famous pastry chef Philippe Conticini, created his cake “Cirrus” by mixing CBD, citrus fruits, Timut pepper and white chocolate. A tasty, cloud-shaped treat that contains just the right amount of CBD for a balanced taste and has been met with tremendous success.
In the same spirit, the healthy bakery, one of the best in Paris, has also released several CBD-based recipes. In particular with ” Choco-Relax “, A chocolate bar with ganache infused with organic CBD Orange Bud, as well as a” Cool-choux ”Whose whipped cream is made from cannabidiol.

A business opportunity for restaurateurs

CBD in the world of gastronomy is also an important marketing springboard. With a healthy and natural image, it is the trend of the moment that everyone is snapping up. This superfood appeals to CSP + customers and fans of well-being. We can explain it in particular by its many benefits and its rather mysterious side, because, quite often, consumers have never smoked recreational cannabis. Or they are looking for the herbaceous taste to remember their first joint when they were teenagers.
Marketers do not hesitate to play with words around cannabis, to create offbeat products and menus. Because, to taste a “Hollyweed” at Wild and the Moon or one “Pastraweed” at Willy’s Deli definitely has a little original and fun side.
In addition, as the CBD market is booming, so is the food industry. Sales of CBD foods are exploding, customers are gaining loyalty and demand is high. Restaurant owners therefore have every interest in surfing the trend and redoubling their creativity to incorporate CBD into our plates!


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