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Without a doubt, CBD is the new essential well-being product of the French. Consumed in the form of infusions, it combines therapeutic benefits and taste pleasure. Among its many virtues, it is whispered that cannabidiol is an excellent painkiller. CBD, a powerful analgesic, myth or reality? We take stock in this article, to to learn more about the other benefits of CBD, see our special feature.

CBD infusions, a natural solution

Cannabidiol, a new essential remedy in the field of phytotherapy

As a reminder, CBD is nothing more than a molecule extracted from the cannabis plant. Often mistakenly confused with THC, another substance of the cannabinoid family, CBD has the advantage of being completely devoid of psychoactive or addictive effects. Endowed with an infinity of virtues, cannabidiol is capable of relieving many everyday ailments, such as various chronic or degenerative diseases. Its properties therefore make it the essential herbal remedy in the Western world.

CBD herbal tea, or how to soothe pain in a totally natural way

In particular, CBD is ancestrally known for its incredible analgesic and anti-inflammatory abilities. Thanks to its positive impact on the endocannabinoid system, it is able to relieve a large number of pain, and even prevent its onset. With very few potential side effects, CBD infusion has become the flagship drink for people seeking a healthy lifestyle: many consumers use it as a natural alternative to certain pharmaceutical products.

What are the pains relieved by the regular consumption of a CBD infusion?

The question is on everyone’s lips: CBD relieves many pains, but which ones? The answer to this question is particularly broad. Indeed, CBD directly affects the perception of pain, which gives it a large field of action! Rheumatism, body aches, sciatica, headaches, toothache, or fibromyalgia, CBD herbal tea can be very useful in many circumstances. This is the reason why it is very popular with seniors, athletes, or patients suffering from chronic pathologies.

Prepare your own CBD infusion

How to make a tasty CBD herbal tea?

If you want to discover the benefits of CBD over a gentle infusion, here are some tips. Some people enjoy making their own hemp tea. For this, it will be necessary to obtain high quality CBD flowers. Add to that a few other ingredients and utensils, such as boiling water, coconut oil, a fine strainer, a blender for your CBD flowers, or even a little cinnamon … In just a few minutes, your hemp tea will be ready!

Where to buy a (good) organic CBD infusion?

To save time, nothing prevents you from time to time from buying your ready-made CBD herbal tea! For this, nothing better than an e-shop like Authentique-CBD: you will find premium CBD cultivated in Europe according to the requirements of organic farming. This CBD store also has a tasty range of hemp infusions: anti-stress herbal tea, sleep infusion, or detox tea, there is something for everyone. Red forest fruits, fresh mint, sweet fruit peel … dive into the heart of a 100% gourmet universe!


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